the murders of shavon dean and robert “yummy” sandifer… “***messymandella***


When Children Kill Children: Boy, 11, Is Wanted in Chicago

By DON TERRY Published: September 01, 1994

Someone stepped out of the shadows between two storefront churches on the city’s far South Side the other night and started shooting wildly at a knot of teenagers playing football.

When the gunfire stopped, a 14-year-old girl lay dead, killed by a bullet apparently meant for someone else. At first, the shooting appeared to be another senseless, though increasingly common, story of an innocent slaughtered in the street.

But the slaying of Shavon Dean has become more than that. It has shaken this city and made many here fear for the future, not because of the victim’s tender years but because of the even younger age of her suspected killer, an 11-year-old boy.

The suspect, who police say belongs to a gang, stands 4-foot-8, sports a tattoo that says “I love mommy” and has an arrest record that could belong to a middle-age thug.

And ever since the shooting last Sunday night, the boy has eluded the police and their growing child-hunt.

“This is a tragedy for everybody on both sides,” Shavon’s aunt, Ida Falls, said today. “That boy is 11 years old. He don’t know no better. The gangs tell him what to do and he does it. He’s just a child, a child that killed a child.”

The boy, who has not been identified by the police because of his age, lived around the corner from Shavon and is known in the neighborhood for causing trouble. He is also a suspect in the shooting and wounding of a teen-age boy earlier on Sunday in another skirmish in what seems like a never-ending gang war here.

But gunplay and funerals are not confined to big cities and their street gangs. In the apple-growing community of Wenatchee, Wash., about 160 miles east of Seattle, two 12-year-old boys were recently accused of killing a 50-year-old migrant farm worker.

The boys, the police say, shot the man 18 times with two stolen pistols after he told them to stop making noise and, they boys said, threw a rock at them.

In each case, the common thread is the ability of children to get their hands on guns.

Shavon Dean lived in a working-class neighborhood of single-story homes with neat lawns. But so much gunfire had rattled the area in the days leading up to her slaying, residents say, that most parents were telling their children to stay on their tree-shaded street — where it was supposed to be safe. One of the churches on 108th Street had even erected a curbside basketball hoop so that teen-agers on the block would not have to go to school to play and risk being caught in a crossfire.

“When I was coming up,” said Kenneth Reed, 22, “I had role models, somebody to look up to. It ain’t that way any more. Now, you look up to the person with the biggest gun.”

The 11-year-old boy wanted in Shavon’s death has the kind of scarred personal background often associated with later violence.

“This is a tragic, tragic case” the Cook County Public Guardian, Patrick T. Murphy, who represents children and the elderly in the courts, said today. “This is a kid who has had nothing going for him his entire life.”

The boy grew up amid gangs, drugs and rising unemployment. Mr. Murphy said the boy’s mother was 15 when she first gave birth; she was 18 when he was born. Martha Allen, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, said that when the boy’s mother was 21 he and four of his siblings were taken from her because of neglect and, in the cold code of bureaucracy, “risk of harm.”.

The boy and his siblings were placed in the custody of their grandmother, who is now 46. She told The Chicago Sun-Times: “They are lying that he is supposed to have done some shooting. He’s a nice kid, until he gets with the wrong group.” ‘A Time Bomb most read stories are these 3. These 3 stories have over 76,2345 views as of 06-07-2013 “Men Lie, Women Lie Numbers Don’t” I appreciate the love and you men and women all over the planet reading. The internet connects every country in the world together.***messymandella***

I have to tell the313 story, of Robert”Yummy Sandifer as the victim, but also as the murderer. The life of Shavon Dean’s life ended while walking home with her cousin.  She is a the catalyst that started the nightmare on Roseland. Robert Yummy Sandifer Story has been the story that kept me out at night.This story is embedded in my life forever. Shavon’s life was important, but she  also is a ghost of Gang Violence.She lost her life, sadly on one somber  night that will remain a part of mournful history.During The black night, on the lonely heavily destructive neighborhood of Rosewood, Yummy shot and killed Shavon Dean. We know that is a common gang ridden area in Chicago, Illinoise.Robert “Yummy” Sandifer decided he wanted to be a full fledge member of “The Black Gangster Disciples.” After he shot in the crowd, and wounded some, Shavon wasn’t as lucky.Here is a link to the story. 

          Now Shavon Dean will be a reminder of senseless gang violence. You will always live in a world of money, evil, and manipulation. Both children died the same week because of a Gang. No one lived long enough to enter High School. The Hardaway brothers are now in prison, since teens. The streets if Chicago, are still a gang nightmare for all of the residents, that just want peace. Shavon entered the dirt, and so did “Yummy.”They are laying in a casket, and resting before even entering puberty. I  have reached a decision that its time to find the man that ordered the hit on Robert Yummy Sandifer life. Who told the 11-year-old boy to even shoot in the crowd. Who ordered Yummy’s Hit on His Life?

Theses children  preceded the beautiful  little Angel, Johnylah Watkins!

It’s time to give Shavon Dean  justice, and Robert Yummy Sandifer’s death can finally  be avenged. It’s time to locate the gang member that ordered Robert Yummy Sandifer’s life.

       How many babies, teens, and Shavon Dean’s have to enter eternal sleep, before we say no to gang violence? When will it end? Thank God there is no Statue Of Limitations for murder.

Please find the bastard that decided that a child’s life meant nothing.


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Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To Hell!***messymandella***

Bad News: Some Christians Are On Their Way To  Hell, or that is what fear mongering manipulative organizations will tell you.

Don’t believe the hype!

Be aware of false prophets  and those that mislead you into complete mental submersion!

Some people use religion as a tool for  dividing and conquering tactics, to ultimately gain power and rage war!

Religion has been a manipulative tool ever since the earliest days of Colonialism.

I am a God Fearing Woman, but don’t push me!

I serve God, but I don’t think anyone should pick and choose what parts of the Bible they want to obey!

You shouldn’t use religion as a way to judge others, and disassociate people because of their sexual orientation.

Question any religion that creates division, or justifies hate of any kind.

Hypocrisy is usually the reason  some people  have given up on religion and have decided  to just stay home on Sundays!

I don’t think God makes mistakes, but I think that we assume the interpretation that we are given by man is completely correct.

When it comes to interpretation of the  scrolls, how accurate can we truthfully with our interpretation  in this century?

Keep in mind, God has  not strolled on this Earth, texted, or instagrammed anyone that I know, has he sent you an email?

We must research  theories, and question what we are told by man and find truth and understanding.

It  does not hurt to  question what you have been taught in a class.

Why is it disrespectful to have any other theory about morality and creation in regards to a religion you are investigating?

How do we know we are in even following HIS teachings?

 ThePICDeathrAD  and other scare tactic religions want to give you Biblical Nightmares, and pride themselves on  hate, to prove God’s Love.

No, We can’t do that, and we should  never be a follower of hate.

 You religion is not your gang!

You don’t have to hate other ways of thinking or sexual preferences.


I have friends that are Wiccans, Muslims and I grew up as a Jehovah Witness

Jehovah Witnesses believe everyone doesn’t go to heaven and only  144,000 people will make that trip up to “The Upper Room” AKA Heaven, others will live on Paradise on Earth.

I live by the moral code and  I don’t have to hate, or be brainwashed  to function in this life.

I think is important to investigate religions, and understand what you truly are practicing and not just listen to reason.

Proof and knowledge is mandatory within any  faith, so learn what is best for you,  inside your discovery.


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UPDATE:Transgendered Rapper Evon “Yung LT” Yung Deserves A Proper Funeral! ***messymandella***

       The Search for Yung LT’s body is still on its way, but with  results. Yung LT was an African-American Transgendered Male that promoted himself as a budding rap career before his lynching. Was it a Hate Crime, or some form of a Street Retaliation? He previously released videos in his own neighborhood, but also resided and flourished, and accepted as a man when he went that night he planned to come back home, because he left his jacket at her home. He left that night with his so-called friends, but what happened that led him to his tragic demise?

What may have been the reason that he was shot, choked and later set on fire?

         No matter what he did or said, those were people whom he considered friends and even at one time, roommates. Remember, the deceptive nature of backstabbing can build into their obsession, and altering perception in  life. You have to be able to decipher those fake smiles and each jealous glance.

       Transgender’s are in between both worlds and sexual ideologies because they know who they are, even if the world is unfaltering with their perception. The world perceives them by their sexual organs they were born with, and that is not the idea behind Trans Men. Some perceive the altering of your sex unacceptable, but at the end of the day it is your life and you deserve to have a chance at life, and these five bastards decided to play God, and brutally murder someone who loved and even shared a home with them. The police have given up on finding his body, but someone knows something.

           The men have been charged. It is not snitching, it is being a humanitarian and removing his spirit, from the unrest state that it is in. Bring him home, if you know were her body is located. Make an anonymous tip, and be a LGBT Activist, and also a human, with dignity. Yung LT’s life is not inconsequential to me, and hopefully not to you.


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Three Major Beers Boycott St.Patricks Day Parade!***messymandella***Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

equal rights.jpg 1
      Statement from Guinness Beer: “Guinness has a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate for equality for all. we were hopeful that the policy of exclusion would be reversed for this year’s parade. As this has not come to pass, Guinness has withdrawn its participation. We will continue to work with community leaders to ensure that future parades have an inclusionary policy.”

  Statement from Samuel Adams: “We were hopeful an agreement could be reached to allow everyone, regardless of orientation, to participate in this parade,” the company said in a statement. “However, given the current status of the negotiations, this may not be possible.”

   Statement from Heineken:“We believe in equality for all,” a Heineken spokesperson has said. “We are no longer a sponsor of Monday’s parade.” Cheers to that.

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Force MD’s =Tender Love***messymandella***

One of the most beautiful songs of all time.Some people have not heard this sweet song.

Christianity And Misdirection: Disassociation Of Gays And *AIDS*Victims-***messymandella***God Does Not Hate!

I can’t change, even If I wanted to…
I am not crying on Sunday
I grew up in a religion that condemns you for being homosexual
I hated watching people have to leave home because of being gay,transsexual,or a lesbian
I wonder why God didn’t love them?
I wanted to go up and hug them as a little girl,but I couldn’t
I had a friend that was a gay man, that would give me candy and hugs
I am writing this for you!
I watched as we turned you away from God
I saw you get AIDS, when the epidemic finally reached us
I remember you telling me you couldn’t talk to me,
I cried at the outside of that Kingdom Hall, and asked you why?
I can recall hugging you and your long fingernails as you telling me bye
I didn’t understand why you didn’t try to come back to our congregation,
I asked where you were and I was told you were in the hospital, alone
I can recall crying when they said you died from AIDS,
I cried,when as a little girl it hurt me, that only your mom came to your death-bed,
I got a whipping that night because I said at 7 years old “That is mean and stupid,”
I will never forget you and I will never let anyone die alone,
I miss you and you died over 30 years ago, and you were my friend,
I know you would be proud of me, and surprised that you had an impact on my life,
I will always make jokes about LGBT issues,but that hides the pain of your last days
I am so sorry, I never said Good-bye
I know you would be proud that currently AIDS victims have support
I am old enough to know I was 100% right then
I know you died before making it to your 30th Birthday
I think that God loves you, and I hate that no one was around to tell you!
I will not forget you, and you sleep in peace knowing that at 7- years old I knew how to be a real friend…thank you!


“I Won’t Cry On Sunday!”