Kicking Gothic Futuristics With Ramellzee + DJ Grand Master Flash ***messymandella*** #HappyBirthdayHiphop

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      Ramellzee was the “Letter Eraser” that decided to reconstruct his own language and cultural adaptation to every day words. He cultivated  his  own alphabetic by erasing the letters and sounds that we were accustomed to and creating his own due to his artistic ability and interest in an underground movement that began with groups of inner city youths expressing themselves.  This is the earliest footage I could locate with an audible sound due to the lack of studio equipment and restoration. Hip Hop at the preliminary styles may come across elementary for some but no one would meet up on the block to murder each other,  solely based on the color of their shirt. Music should breed life into our communities but not terrify  the people who reside in these communities.  Music should never endanger the welfare of our children.
This nostalgic moment in history ushered the era of Self  – love and knowledge of your historical beginnings.  Art and Hip Hop will eternally linked thanks to the innovators  that  remain determined to bring brotherhood and strength and respect for women back in the forefront the Hip-Hop Movement. This is the birth of the mass copied, and always imitated Style that came into the minds of young men, that needed a way to express themselves. At times they were homeless and loners or outsiders chasing their way through dreams that others told them would never be a reality. It is OUR lifestyle, promote your love not your money! An artist knows they have to pay the bills, but you never give up your love for the culture, self-expression, and unification that has now swept the nations.

When they lose interest in your gifts and your dreams… Promote you!

Hip Hop began by simply throwing beats together,but then it was social and not violently killing people,until Crack swept the nation.
Who knew that what this moment would be the industry beginner? The rebellion and escapism fueled a historic truth. This is the earliest that I could locate anywhere until I found this, 1978!

Ramallzee, Jean Michel Basquiat, Toxic 1, and C-1!


Crime Mob – Knuck If You Buck -Grillz With Trillville***messymandella***




Song 9:Nicki Minaj ===Freedom

I Feel Free

I Feel Freedom

Why They Mad?

You Should See Them.


Mariah Carey Tells American Idol=Kiss My Ass

Mariah Carey does not want to get wig slapped by Nicki Minaj. She HAS decided to leave American Idol.

Mariah Carey As A Young Diva

 Carey felt threatened by Roman Reloaded and her other 18 personalities.Nikki Minaj was told that she will have to find a new  chick to bully. Roman Reloaded has lost his  rabbit ass mind.

Thanks to whoever released that muckery on video.

I believe Mariah was scared.Clearly ,Mrs. Cannon is not about that life.

This is the time that Mariah Carey and Lil Kim should do a Diss Record….I’m just saying.

 At least they can duet a  diss  record about Nikki Roman Minaj’s Frankenstein Wig.  <——-Rememba’ This (Gawker).

The Fool  had an exorcism on the stage.She had a mirror, lipstick and the Pope and a dusty wig.

I am not here for these Reindeer Games.Mrs. Mariah Carey knew that if a crazy person shoots you , they don’t go to prison!

They will  vacate at Gardenia Valley’s Mental Institute. Mariah knows Nikki will plead insanity. She already has….

Picture From Sandra Rose