Joey Bada$$ “My Yout” Music Video ***messymandella***



r.i.p sean price***messymandella*** remembering an unsung legend




Sean Price 43 years old, passed away in his sleep…



Big Pun – Still Not a Player ft. Joe (1998)***messymandella***So Hard ft. Donnell Jones



Kings And Queens, Keep Your Hands Clean! Queen Latifah – Black Hand Side (1993) VS Jeru The Damaja – Come Clean (1994)***messymandella***

“hip-hop in its golden age“,[10] Spin‘s editor-in-chief Sia Michel says, “there were so many important, groundbreaking albums coming out right about that time”,[10] and
MTV‘s Sway Calloway “The thing that made that era so great is that nothing was contrived. Everything was still being discovered and everything was still innovative and new”.[11]


Writer William Jelani Cobb says “what made the era they inaugurated worthy of the term golden was the sheer number of stylistic innovations that came into existence… in these golden years, a critical mass of mic prodigies were literally creating themselves and their art form at the same time”.[12]



Statik Selektah – Carry On ft. Joey Bada$$, Freddie Gibbs***messymandella***



Pro Cakes 2 – Dirty Sanchez-Dyemond Lewis-Nyck Caution***messymandella***



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Joey Bada$$ – 1999 (Full Album/Mixtape) ***messymandella***

 Summer Knights 1:59

Waves 5:33

From da Tomb$ 9:00

Survival Tactics 12:25

Killuminati 15:03

Hard knock 20:24

World Domination 23:09

Penny royal 26:02

Funky Ho 30:33

Daily Routine 33:34

Snakes (Feat. T’nah Apex) [Prod. By J Dilla] 37:57

Don’t Front (Feat. CJ Fly) [Prod. By Statik Selektah] 42:22

Righteous Minds [Prod. By Bruce LeeKix] 46:09

Where It At (Feat. Kirk Knight) [Prod. By J Dilla] 50:21 Suspect

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