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I am collecting strong-willed submissions from Indie Artist that are unfaltering to bring *forth music in this fickle but competitive industry.
I am offering all Indie artist a voice that may or may not, have the financial backing, but not the Street Buzz.
I promised three artist a week for much deserved promos. I have been running behind, because the police and citizens dying for absolutely no damn reason…

I will offer respect this to you lovers of inventiveness …
I believe we have to live in this world and build, but the simple things are free but a man or woman has to eat, sleep, and thrive. If we entrust this  positive energy in our body of work, we will retain positive energy.  Leave that negativity alone!


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KOTD – Rap Battle – Shotty Horroh vs Hitman Holla ***messymandella***

Mike Jones Feat. Slim Thug & Paul Wall – Still Tippin’ (2004)***messymandella***


NSFW: Rapper Stalley ‘Jackin’ Chevys’***messymandella*** Easy E- ‘Boyz N’ Tha Hood’





Hooligan Will Bring Indie Hip Hop To The Forefront!***messymandella***

      Jihad Shamir (born January 27, 1993) in Elizabeth New Jersery began his  musical exploration when he was seven years old. His music name “Hooligan” was given to him by a group of his neighborhood peers. Hooligan’s  first decision to do music was when he learned his father (Marc James Hawkins) was a very great artist and hung around most of the legends from the 80s. Hip Hop is in his DNA, and will continue to an integral part of his development.  Different sounds, genres, and samples are collected  and interpolated in each musical composition, from this native of Jersey.

       Hooligan is very different and has very dynamics, and provides us with  thought-provoking lyrics that not too many people in his age bracket, could successfully deliver, and that alone separates himself from his peers.

      The talent he brings is also gathered from his experience with shows and performing can only .Hooligan  known most for performing on the east coast. Hooligan has been around hundreds of artists that are in the industry now and has also has been invited to performing shows and studio sessions, with many artist from the East Coast.

      Hooligan remains humble, because of  his motivation and blueprint is not based on selfish gain, but the ability to provide for his  family. His goal as sole survivor in itself,  demonstrates to the world his strength. Do  you hear that Jazz background?  Hooligan doesn’t  want his family to worry about  struggle. Hooligan  stands now in the background of Indie Rap, but will soon enter the  forefront of the Indie Rap Scene. Give him time because the world will one day envision and appreciate  his  dedication and ambition to strive, and struggle for his family and to ultimately live his dreams. 

“Cliff” Notes Edition: The Pissed off Pocket Pimp Chronicles of T.I. ***messymandella**

      The Wrong version was released and I didn’t realize it until 9:25. #SALUTE

  The Pissed off Pimp Chronicles will track down everytime  our little man curses someone out, because it entertains me.  TI.  AKA Clifford has been laying the smack down in everyone’s town. He has traveled coast to coast to curse people, slam the hell out, with no remorse! I LOVE the “Pocket Pimp” of the South.

T.I. is ride or die for the southern states, and he will cut you over his wife, Tiny.

In the last two months, T.I.  has traveled world-wide confronting folks and what not.

       He even confronted one of the husbands of the reality show, “Real Housewives Of Atlanta.”
T.I. Appollo Nena (Phaedra’s husband) about his federal case. He showed up at the parking lot and Apollo, kept “copping pleas.” The entire event was caught on camera. Apollo defended himself against a Twitter Follower that labeled him a government snitch.

So Apollo, being a SNITCH , and  not having any idea of the Pissed Off Pimp’s chronic anger, tweets almost  got him beat up in a parking lot.

Appollo’s Quote: “If 1 knows about the federal system its standard language in a plea agreement 1 must b put on notice if that applies to them,” Nida said via Twitter.    “Its standard language in a federal plea agreement. Michael Vicks TI’s plea it’s the same language different charge.”

            In defense of TI, no it is not!

What Apollo is doing is wearing a wire, so technically because he announced to the world he would be wearing a wire, he snitched on himself…
Next, it was Floyd Mayweather JR for parading around Las Vegas with an entourage of women including Tiny, T.I.’s   beloved wife, and beautiful Fashion Icon of the Century. She also is a singer, actress, and a producer.

         I can see why T.I is head over hills with us; she is the Southern Eva Mendez, damn beautiful. Well T.I. climbed on a ladder, and cursed Floyd Mayweather out and of course, the cameras caught the footage.

Yes, they were fighting over Tiny, and I can see why, who wouldn’t?
Now him Azelia Banks were in an argument on Twitter, at least he didn’t show up to confront her. They were in an argument and Azelia Banks hated on Tiny, and that is not right!

Tiny is gorgeous, beautiful, YES God!

T.I. called Azelia some choice names and even accused her (PG Version) of having Halitosis and having hygiene

       There are currently no tour dates scheduled for the next person who runs in to the pissed off Pimp chronicles of TI. But stay close to your social media sites and TMZ and when Clifford is in your area, pocket pimp slapping is sure to occur.

K Camp – SlumLords (Full Mixtape) ***messymandella***