Pretty In…***messymandella***





Nikka Costa And Betty Davis: Unsung Females OF Funk! ***messymandella***



missy elliott, allison stoner ***messymandella***


QB ENT – Baller Anthem (Official Video) ***messymandella***

Les Nubians — NEW Björk in “Biophilia Live”***messymandella***

Inspiration: Closer To My Dreams***messymandella***

Goapele—– Closer

I sit and wonder why I see things, the way I do?

Why do I feel the way, I do?

How did I not realize my destiny?

I guess I had to get closer to my dreams.

Reality can bite you in the ass.

I know karma, and bullying can stifle the creative spirit.

Why would you let someone else keep you from getting closer to your dreams?

You have your own swagger!

You have your own style.

Follow Your Dreams!

I get closer to my dreams every day!

New Edition= Still In Love

I remember when I first heard New Edition and saw them perform.

I will never forget the harmony.

That was my first Boy Band Crush!

These men are one of the 90’s  soul groups that continue thriving.