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Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

nsfw-worldstar video camera episode 19 / revisiting my Briki***messymandella***


    Genuine camaraderie and emotional attachments come from Buffett runs and  rating the spiciest dipping sauces. These women prove that size is just  a number, and food is just a hobby.

       Why should they not be proud, Brika should be president of Oscar Myer or Nabisco, and I am 100% percent sure her milkshake will bring  all the boys to the yard. 

       You don’t understand that she “pick it up and then  drop down” and that itself takes endurance and a strong ass back. Brika fa claims that she is  tastier than a dill pickle, she also likes to have sex at angles,Brika is a mathematician and a magician to pull that off…

   Dear Brika, when you said, “work your fat ass” my life changed forever. Thank you for your entertainment and you have a  lifetime fan. I am not a 300 pounder girl, but I still can “pick it up and drop it down!”





Avoid Insecurity! It Is Contagious!***messymandella***

Have you ever walked by someone who rolls their eyes?

Sometimes people will wonder how to fix it. You shouldn’t sweat it.

Are you robbing or stealing from them? Are you messing with their sex dealer? They may have a reason to give you the  evil eye. You should get shade from them, in those situations. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you at all. If someone gives you the side eye; keep it moving.Analyze the situation (for 30 seconds only) a then smile and walk away.

There is no reason to whisper, roll your eyes, or laugh when someone walks by or smiles at you. Strange as it seems, that still has nothing to do with you. I promise!


1. They are always mad at someone for no damn reason.

2. They want to always believe that every situation has to do with them, when it is not even that serious.

3. They have a look of hatred in their eyes, but you don’t even know their last name.

4. Insecure people always have negative criticisms for you every day.

5. They don’t want better in life, but they throw shade at anyone else, that has goals.

6. They overly talk about their sexual ability, size or proportions in public situations, and even on-line. Desperation.

7. An insecure person likes to divide friends and family, to keep confusion and cause drama.

8. An insecure person usually has different personalities, depending on who is around.

9. Do they get involved into every situation, and always have advice (like you care what they think?).

10. An insecure person ALWAYS finds faults in others.

These are all signs of Adult Bullying. No one is that beautiful or special that they can burst out laughing when someone walks by.Once you look at the group , you will see the insecurity in their faces.They have to make fun of you. Adults should know better, but some people are just losers.

Unless you look like Nia Long or Jessica Biel, you shouldn’t have critiques on what anyone looks like. Not too many people are that lucky, I’m not. Ha, Ha! Upgrade your own physical appearance, before dissecting someone else.

Sing this song when you are in the presence of insecurity.


Why Put Up With Messy Folks? ***messymandella***

I’m not just discussing relationships! I promise, this is just life. Life is too short to worry about unnecessary mess? Believe it or not we have to share the planet with pathetic and sadly ignored adults. These homosapians spend time trying to instigate, and control every situation. I don’t let those sorry and lonely people ruin my day. In fact, you shouldn’t either!  People can only repeatedly give you mess, if you accept it in your life. Look around you .Imagine what you want in life, and live it that way! If you love that person, set boundaries. If  it is a partner, you let them cross that line, they will. You will be like any other Rihanna and Karrueche Tran that you encounter in your personal life.


Don’t let manipulative people  win! Don’t Let Them See You Sweat! They are angry,because their phone doesn’t ring or they sell ass on Facebook or Twitter, but not one is buying a thing! Live and speak, accept yourself as that queen or king.Walk with others that want to see a positive outcome. Remember, We will always have trashy people who want to take advantage of a sweet and nice person, such as yourself. The fact remains that children are not the only ones that encounter this degradation. They can learn it from their bullying parents at home. It matters what you say. I promise it matters  more, what you do! Treat people better,and don’t put up with messy folks! You will  do something that the 26 at Sandy Oak can’t do again. You can live a prosperous life. 

KOTD-Germ Free VS Bonnie Godiva***messymandella***

Jennifer Biel Timberlake

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No one can describe how beautiful she truly is…


True Stories:Messymandella

oh didyou dontwhy

Your life is so short and precious.

Wasting your time, is not an option.

Express Your Self! Don’t Settle.

Don’t Be Caught up in drama.

Live Your life, like everyday counts.

so sad

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Messymandella does not have a Facebook account. I appreciate my readers from all over the world, from any social media. The nuts that are on Social Media, are numerous. I love my privacy and I love being mysterious. Ha,Ha! I don’t like drama. Here is a list of 10 signs that you are a plum damn fool!

1. You ask people out on Facebook?

2. You have been unfriended on Facebook for being a sleazy tramp.

3. No one wants their family members,or bosses to accidentally come across your page.

4. You ask EVERYONE of your friend questions like “Does anyone want to go to the movies with me?”

5. You know you have no life, and you are never invited out.

6. No one wants to be around a filthy mouth tramp, with no respect for herself.

7. Your page could get someone fired if they check the cursing and vulgarity at work.

8. You are known as a selfish, narcissus that only wants  to brag and talk about their every action on Social Media.

9. You ask questions like “Am I Pretty?” “Do you think I am mean?”

10. You have done at least 5 of these things on the list. …They are laughing at you.

Here is my favorite nut