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NEW: SMACK/ URL Presents:BIG T VS B MAGIC***messymandella***

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KOTD – Rap Battle – Tycoon Tax vs Shotgun Suge***messymandella***

Ok, first things first, Why would anybody  anticipate a Shotgun Suge would win in any battle, battle  arena, or by any battle league?
We get  different characters, but the identical plot stays on repeat.
This time Tycoon Tax is victorious just by technicalities.

We know Shotgun Suge has bars, but the Cryptnesia needs to end,forever.

What is Cryptnesia?

It is when you assume that you are going to remember your barz, but you don’t so instead of admitting you choked You start throwing racial slurs at your opponent. You distract the audience from your semi prepared bars or Cryptnesia.

Suge has the same expression every time  he is about to choke, and I know that look. In the battle world, Shot Gun may never compete with the elite, because no one assumes he will give a lyrical performance. His advantage is his stage presences, and body weight that he uses  to tip the lyrical scale.

Just imagine, if he did not  choke? 

He can rap his ass off, and his music is better than his battles.

Still Shotgun Suge has some of the most disrespectful, but some of the memorable lines in the history of battle rap.


In theater and in any art form, primarily in battle rap, a choke destroys the moment, the momentum and the audience gets distracted and the mood changes, and it is unfair to your opponent.

That build up that one hears when the verbal jabs connect are what the viewers wait for and expect to get,after they have paid their money. 

Keep doing your think Big Grape, and since you are “The Shooter and the Driver” I think you need to be  more comfortable.

You know I can’t see you circling the block in  a Smart Car or a Geo Storm because you are gigantic.

So, as a fan, I have a suggestion!

Next time you are “the shooter and the driver” I want you to have a lot a room for your big ol’ self.

Here you go, Suge, drive this _____>

URL TV: Yung ILL VS K Shine ***messymandella***

         URL TV hosted a highly anticipated battle of  the Yung ILL from St. Louis, Missouri and K-Shine from Harlem, NY.  Smack White, who was inebriated during the entire battle, could barely recollect that Exclusive Vodka was sponsoring HIS event.

          K-Shine delivery and braggadocio always take precedence over his opponent. You wonder ,”What  K-Shine got  planned this time?”  K-Shine did a name flip scheme in the first round that demonstrated why Dot Mobb is everyone’s favorite team to hate,  but while they undoubtedly  leave a monumental legacy in the Battle Rap Game. Everyone knows Dott Mobb’s Captain, Murder Mook Vs Serius Jones, is considered  the pentacle of Battle Rap’s mainstream beginning.  People still debate to this day on who is the best of all time just with  that battle alone?

 K-Shine knew that he had a great chance of  “Catching A Body.”

Yung Ill who left the battle rap world and disappeared for a while, had more to prove to on the stage. Of  course everyone in the Battle Rap community heard gossip about what he was doing while on hiatus, but those were just rumors until that battle with O-Red VS Yung Ill surfaced.  After that battle mishap, he decided to come back and demonstrate while he is one of the best in St. Louis. The audience in Battle Rap remains  critical to a battle as each Emcee  must use skill and lyrical assaults and by all means please the audience.

The URL audience members are brutal. 

They will boo you if you blink wrong.

They will boo you if they don’t like your shoes.

They will boo you if you cough, sympathy does not exist when it comes to URLTV mafia like audience members.

Yung Ill lost the audience for a minute, it is obvious he did in his second round.

Yung Ill destroyed K-Shine in round three.

No one caught  a body this time.

This battle is too close to call just like the TSu-Surf and Hollow The Don Battle.  

Classic battle no winner…


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KOTD: Charron VS DNA ***messymandella***


Do You Feel Like You Kept It Real, Math Hoffa? #SM3 Ruined***messymandella***

Math Hoffa and his half-hearted apology was bull, and  even in the first few minutes he haphazardly would not take responsibility, without still hurling insults. People jump on bandwagons, and ignore actions.  No one with any remote amount of money and caliber of any measure would be proud to be a bully.   Math Hoffa, calls Serius Jones a liar, and says that he slandered him. The man showed up for work, and you showed up to be a stereotype.  Serius Jones did not get knocked out, and after he was hit, Math went over to the corner and hit him again and RAN…

“Real G’s don’t deal with emotions!”




Dear Math Hoffa,
Really, are you serious?
No, I am asking.
You can not want to fight every time, someone ignores your stale ass barz,you didn’t even feel your barz that night.
You suppose to have “Barz like that.”
Well, no one had a chance to witness you bring them “Barz Right Back.”
Hoffaluyah, this in not the first time.
You remember that little fast rhyming boy, that likes do the “Cha-Cha Slide” when he raps?
You punched him too!
Yes, you gave Dose a fist to the face, because you were being a bully again.
So, as a bully you will always be angry and have to over compensate by hurting people whom you deem weaker than you.
You have classic battles, but the two we will always remember have to do with you acting like a damn toddler, who’s upset that he is not getting all the attention.
You have turned something beautiful, Battle Rap, into a peice of shit.You know damn well, you should be refunding money from your PAC Juice Shirts. Oh, and Tu-Pac was not a bully, just thought you might want to read up on it.
You have ruined footage,planned time slots for other financial partnerships ,and other rappers fan base, by you being selfish.
People fly in to witness all of their favorite battle rappers, get their shine on.
You could not handle the fact that Serius Jones entrance got more attention than yours.
You can always see when you getting a little sensitive, because the scheme or set up, didn’t quite land.

You have some damn nerve…
I have been watching arrogant rappers(LUX) talk sideways and snitch on Smack and URLTV’s practice. They don’t make loyal friends, when money is involved. People are just two faced, and I feel like it is a spit in the face, to all the money and fame battle rap had brought you in this life.
Math you spit on the face of everyone who walked and waited in the line for Summer Madness 3.
You stepped on the head of hip hop culture,and should feel utterly embarrassed.
You can’t say shit, to people and just expect them not to respond because your Math Hoffa.
They edited the footage, to accommodate you choking with Daylt and he is a damn fool, and he dragged you behind the Bat Mobile.
Every situation is not hood,and you don’t let it destroy others peoples enjoyment, and financial involvement. So, I guess you don’t even give a damn for the other people who wanted to hear barz? Norbes, he has no neck,and you made him upset and he couldn’t turn around and evaluate the situation.

It is all about people being afraid of you. Your entire career, will always be based on being a bully.
You broke the back of Battle Rap community, because now they will have to take extra precautions, because you had a tempter tantrum.
You punched Serious Jones, he showed up for his job.
AGAIN, you ruin a battle and while you make every excuse of why you hit him, remember there isn’t one.
You owe Smack, hip hop, and the people who held you and down before, a new damn attitude. I was one of your fans.Even included your quotes.
Those days are gone, you should be ashamed.
You cheated people out of time and money.
You wouldn’t be shit without Smack, and you shit on him.
Grind Time is not a float, you acted a fool, for no reason.
If you don’t get booked for a battle, maybe you can figure out why when you are in Anger Management.
Just dumb…
Your Sister In Christ,


Tsu Surf Vs Conceited

           One of the best Smack  Battles Ever! Tsu Surf and Conceited both are neck to neck! History of Jabs and Disses finally were confronted, with the audience full of “Hip Hop Heads!”

           You can find Puffy, Q-Tip, or Busta Rymes at any of these events. Make sure you check out all of  the Smack/URL  Videos. Smack  / URL killed the event, as usual. No one used shiny suits or dance moves. Just Barz.The main focus is bars!


“Bars over everything”-Grindtime!