A Message With Love …***messymandella*** Be Safe For Your Families


Gloria Steinman + Angela Davis ***messymandella***


Feministically Beautiful And Honest*Colbie Coliat* Tries ***messymandella***

What makes you stand out from the rest?
How do you feel about living your own way and on your own terms?
The world is completely in need of strong-minded and unique fashionistas that want to stand out above the rest. Can you honestly say that you stand alone? No, because you need love and equality. You can have both, but first look at how women of all ages and ethnicities are beautiful. Instead of hating,compliment each other and don’t be a contouring clone. “Try” to be unique!


***messymandella*** CLASSIC *** RiFF RAFF & KiD SiSTER – KRiS KRANGLE (Official Video)

        This song will  receive airtime, every Christmas. This is a creative collaboration, and they just took over the mall. Quiet as kept, I bet the people didn’t know what to make a Riffy in that mall. If I had Riff Raff’s name in a Secret Santa, I would make sure to get him some  lemon pledge and jewelry cleaner so he could stay shining. He can lemon pledge the hell out of his teeth and shine the hell out of that chain, swinging on his neck. ***messymandella***




2014 Met Gala: Fashion Meets Fighting: ***messymandella***



Colbie Calliat- Hold On ***messymandella***

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Make Your Bed, And Sleep Like A Baby***messymandella***

Have you wondered how life aspirations can disappear?
You get buried in the past and living through every transgression.
Are you depressed because someone you loved betrayed you?
Move towards your dreams!
Leave that pain behind you, start a new.

Stop attributing every failure to a weakness in yourself.
I want life to be peaceful, and I want to thrive.

I am confident you want the same thing.
I recently felt defeated!
I encountered someone I thought was a friend, undermine everything I would bring about.
Loving and needing acceptance is something that we strive for, but life will keep going even in dismay.

You are not robotic, and you have emotions.

You will always fall short in the eyes of an envious person.

Pick  yourself  up, dust that  dirt off your shoulder!

Get that knife out your back! 


Remember, you will continue to feel pain!

Make your bed, and sleep like a baby!