Be A Better Version Of Yourself! ***messymandella***

        Can you  reimagine your life?

I can do what I want!

I can live how I Want!

What do you want?

Are you tired of bills,lies,and confusion?

You can’t get through life, always worrying.

Love Yourself.

Find Your Self Worth

Help out anyone you can!

Don’t Let anyone tell you,that you are not good enough!

If anyone thinks that you are beneath them,STAY AWAY.

Sometimes we make our own beds,so we must lie in them!

I know the difference between a true friend,and a frenemie!

I know that people who keep confusion and drama,have low self-esteem.


A situation happened that destroyed someone,an innocent person.

The person was treated unfairly,and it is awful.

That Person deserves an apology.

They will never get it.

A person lost their job for no real reason.

It’s not right.The way you treats people reflects who you are.

The person(s) that ruined her finances,and improvement should apologize!

Now her life,has changed and it wasn’t even her fault.

Every conversation, minute or second counts.

How do you want to be remembered?

Do you want to be remembered as an instigator?

Do you want to be remembered as a Side Line Chick?

How can you take this life and play games, when you could make it a better place?

Seeds are growing.

You can be a positive light, or a negative light!

Take this moment, and minute to realize that everyone has a past.

What  are you going to do to improve your future?

Start by Treating People Right!


The Truth Shall Set You Free, Dumb Ass!***messymandella***

Rihanna-Rude-Boy1There is no way you don’t know when you are being played.

Listen, I was once a dummy too!

I saw what I wanted to see, when the inconvenient Truth was just slapping me silly.

It made no sense to me.

I was alone,but in a relationship.

Yeah, that made me a dumb ass.

So, I composed a list of signs for future dummies, to see if you are already a dumb ass!

1. Do you always wait up to see IF he’s coming home?Unless he is on tour, to promote his album,that is crazy?Why he so tired, when he get home? You are a dumb ass.

2. Does he always seem to make eyes with his home boys , when they talk about what happened last night at the club,when you thought he was at his cousin’s house? D-u-m-m-y

3. When you meet people, are they surprised that he has a girlfriend?Dumb

4.Are you arguing with different girls over this guy(I have never been this dumb)?

5. No one is perfect, but are you always defending his sorry ass?

6. Do you feel like if you stand up for yourself, people will turn on you,even though he making you the dummy?????

7. Have you ever asked yourself, “Why I am so Stupid?” You getting close, dummy.

8. Does he have groupies? Unless he just signed a deal with Maybach Music…you just dumb!Dummy!

9.Have you been dating him for 10 years,and he has over 3 other kids while you have been in this relationship,that didn’t come out your cupcake bakery? You my friend, are a dummy!

10.Do you not have a ring on your finger, or live with him, but you been giving it up to him for over 7 years?Dummy

11. Do you always make excuses, every time you find a new addition to your family? Dummy!

12.There will always be scandalous hoes, who have no respect for relationships, are these women part of your man’s entourage?You said it ,Dummy.

13. You can’t recall one place that you have been together, that did not include drama,or an argument,and you were like a “deer in headlights?”

14. You are a dummy if you are reading this,and wondering”Is messymandella talking about me?”

15. Does he always have bad phone reception,or no charger…only on the weekend?

16. Does he leave you in the dark about upcoming trips, that he already has planned, paid a deposit on and reserved multiple rooms? This is just sad, dummy.

17. So because you love someone you will let them cheat, dog you out, disrespect you and treat you like a fool?

That is not love, you deserve more.

An awful thing has happened.

You let someone you respect, stop respecting you.

You will be gray-haired and old and still being the “Neighborhood Dummy.”

At least print t-shirts and hoodies, Dumb Ass.

Yeah, well you are a dumb ass,and you know it!

You just choose to play dumb!

So  see what you want to see, but know in the end you are in denial.

Oh yeah,  The Truth Shall Set You Free-Dumb Ass!

Joy Denalane=Let Go

6 Month Old Jonylah Watkins Funeral***messymandella***

If I communicate one thing to you about life,  its that sometimes the people you are around can be your downfall.

 When Johnylah  Watkins, was a baby that was shot at while in her mothers‘ womb.

Ever wonder why no one really wants to tell the truth, about this case?

I am about to tell you why you   should not  show sympathy for the father or the mother.


1.   Jonathon  Watkins was  a gang member that advised rival gang  members where  he would be that day via  Facebook.

2. Johnylah Watkins did not have a mother or father with morals and she was in the world alone.

3. Johnylah  Watkins   mom was worried more about hood status than protecting her child.

4.Johnathon should have never taken that baby with him, on the same day he threatened gang members.

5. No matter what excuse you make as a mother, you are stupid as hell to let a known drug dealer,or gang member live with you.

6. Check out the body language of both parents.

7. It’s their child that succumbed to gang violence, but they need a spokesperson for a 6 month old child?

8. Gang members are heartless bombs, so if you lay down with dogs you will get fleas.

9.The only person you should cry for is that baby, she never had protection or good parenting.

10.Never feel sorry for a Gang Member, you never know if  Jonathan  killed someone, and those shots were revenge.

I want you to feel pain, if you are in a gang.
You are part of the reason Jonylah died.
Sometimes that reality will make someone put down their guns.
I hope for this baby’s memory you look in the mirror and ask, “Why am I killing my own race, and innocent people?”

Chicago Community Mourns Death Of 6-Month-Old Baby Shot In Gang Altercation

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