Women Of Rock- ***messymandella*** Florence + The Machine!

There is a beauty Of Knowing You Can Make Things Happen!

Men and women should surround themselves with people that want to build mentally and physically.

If you are mortified about what you are doing in life, do something else.

You can be the master of your own failures, if you let drama and negativity cloud your life.

If you like me, you have been up against the wall but kept your head up high.

It was never in vain, you will reap your benefits in time.

Be patient and happy with blessings and accomplishments, I am!


Hope and faith are the reason I know life has more in store for me.

So many opportunities, and so many exceptional things are destined for you to, but ignore jealousy!

You have to stay focused and confident and keep loving life.

Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle.

Love the men that surround you and let them know you believe in them. Remind the men in your life that  you will always speak up against misogynist and stereotypical treatment of women. 

God, will lead you into your truth, but the Devil will throw every obstacle in your way…

Shake it off

Lyfe Jennings – Pretty Is ***messymandella***


Domestic Abuse/ Tupac’s Message!***messymandella***

cycle_of_abuseMental and verbal abuse are often disputed based on the  illusion that if  it is not physical, then it is not abuse.  This  silent manipulation epidemic is happening to even younger adults. Some are afraid to speak out, or embarrassed that they voluntarily  and fearfully  accepted this mistreatment.
    After a punch, you hide it,  to protect the abuser, but you can’t hide emotional abuse. They  can convince you, that you deserved the treatment and the physical pain.
Within the scope of  abuse, you will justify their  behavior and victim logic,but  you hide the fact that you stayed. No one with any respect would mentally and physically embarrass you. Mental  abuse it is totally different because it tears your self-esteem down, brick by brick. The abuser gains power by belittling you and that right there is proof that they are a coward.  They will be the nicest person one day, but you know in a few days it will be a change in behavior,for no reason.
Baby, that is no way to live.
If he has to hurt you to feel important, he doesn’t deserve you.
  If someone systematically drilling in your head that you are the problem, you will believe it, and that is part of the manipulation.
Some women even apologize for their tears, after the abuser has insulted them. Don’t be embarrassed that you were manipulated.
You are not alone.
You trusted the wrong person, most men that would hurt you to gain power have a legion of people that hate them for the mistreatment of you. 
Never be afraid to ask for assistance and by telling your story, you may save some undeserving person a chance to suffer the pain from you.
Even if they threaten you to stay with them, get away!
You can’t let someone control your emotions with an remote control.
Lies are told and promises broken, and they don’t care how they treat anyone.
You have your life and why would you waste it on someone that hurts you,lies to you and insults you to your face.
That person is an ass.
That person needs their ass kicked. 
In the end, if someone is destructive to everything that they touch, they should not have the pleasure of touching you.

 Get counseling to move on with your life, this person doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air that you do. 

The abuse hotline phone number  1−800−799−7233 




The Beautiful, Blue Eyed Princess***messymandella***


Signs Of Insecurity! ***messymandella***

Have you ever walked by someone who rolls their eyes?

Sometimes people will wonder how to fix it, or is it their fault? You shouldn’t sweat it.

Are you robbing or stealing from them? Are you messing with their sex dealer? They may have a reason to give you the  evil eye. You should get shade from them, in those situations. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you at all. If someone gives you the side eye; keep it moving.Analyze the situation (for 30 seconds only) a then smile and walk away.

There is no reason to whisper, roll your eyes, or laugh when someone walks by or smiles at you. Strange as it seems, that still has nothing to do with you. I promise!


1. They are always mad at someone for no damn reason.

2. They want to always believe that every situation has to do with them, when it is not even that serious.

3. They have a look of hatred in their eyes, but you don’t even know their last name.

4. Insecure people always have negative criticisms for you every day.

5. They don’t want better in life, but they throw shade at anyone else, that has goals.

6. They overly talk about their sexual ability, size or proportions in public situations, and even on-line. Desperation.

7. An insecure person likes to divide friends and family, to keep confusion and cause drama.

8. An insecure person usually has different personalities, depending on who is around.

9. Do they get involved into every situation, and always have advice (like you care what they think?)

10. An insecure person ALWAYS can locate the faults in others.

These are all signs of Adult Bullying. No one is that beautiful or special that they can burst out laughing when someone walks by.Once you look at the group,you will see the insecurity in their faces.They have to make fun of you. Adults should know better, but some people are just losers.

Unless you look like Nia Long or Jessica Biel, you shouldn’t have critiques on what anyone looks like. Not too many people are that lucky, I’m not. Ha, Ha! Upgrade your own physical appearance, before dissecting someone else.

Sing this song when you are in the presence of insecurity.


Germany’s Joy Denalane -In Heaven Or Hell?***messymandella***

Look around you, does it make you anxious when they open your door to come in for the night?
Do you roll your eyes when their name shows up on your cell phone?
Are you ecstatic when you hear they will be trapped in an elevator for the next 24 hours?
Are you getting ignored, and hate the weekends because of impending conflicts?
Are you making your partner miserable by making them “Punch the clock” to make sure they are not late for the curfew you set in place?
Are you snooping, stalking, and lurking to find out where your partner will be partying?
Still praying and  hoping he or she want to embarrass you and get caught creeping this weekend?
You can watch someone’s back,until they give you a reason to doubt their loyalty!
Life is too short to give yourself a pity party, and track someone down like the CIA.
You get caught up worrying about their life, and forget to live yours!
Why are you putting more stress on yourself for someone who doesn’t give a damn about you?
Promise me that you won’t wait by the phone!
Promise me you won’t pace the floor wandering IF they will come home!
If someone wants to be with you,they will make the effort by choice and not force.
Love can turn into hate when your feelings are ignored.

Heaven can definitely turn into hell at any given moment!

Please Be honest with yourself!


Women Beware:48 Rules Of Pimping! Protect Yourself***messymandella***

Here are the 48 Laws of Pimping from Pimpin’ Ken:

  1. Purse First, Ass Last
  2. Get a Name in a Game
  3. Don’t Chase ‘Em, Replace ‘Em
  4. Keep a Ho in Arrears
  5. Prey on the Weak
  6. When Pimpin’ Begins, Friendship Ends
  7. Pimp the Game
  8. Don’t Let Your History Be a Mystery
  9. Learn the Rules
  10. Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan
  11. Avoid Gorillas and Godzillas
  12. Ain’t No Love in this Shit
  13. Pimp Like You’re Ho-less
  14. Better a Turnout than a Burnout
  15. Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say
  16. Give Motivation and Inspiration
  17. Get YouBottom Bitch
  18. Cop and Blow
  19. Turn Ho Ends into Dividends
  20. Get in a Ho’s Head
  21. A Ho Without Instruction Is Headed for Self-Destruction
  22. Keep Hoes on Their Toes
  23. A Ho Joins A Stable to Ruin It
  24. Set the Trend
  25. Grind for Your Shine
  26. The Game is to be Sold, Not Told
  27. Keep Your Game on the Low
  28. Be a Leader
  29. Play One Ho Against the Next
  30. Prosperity over Popularity
  31. Look out for Suzy Choosy
  32. Turn a Tramp into a Champ
  33. Bring Your People With You to theTop
  34. Show Respect to Get Respect
  35. Trust Nothing but the Game
  36. Be Internationally Known, Nationally Recognized, and Locally Accepted
  37. Let a Ho Know
  38. Wreck a Hater
  39. Switch Up
  40. Don’t Down ‘Em, Crown ‘Em
  41. Keep Your Front Up Till You Come Up
  42. Talk Shit and Swallow Spit
  43. If You Can See It, You Can Be It
  44. You Need Fire and Desire
  45. Get Rid of the Word “If”
  46. Move and Shake Like a Pimp Shakes
  47. Pimpin’ Is What You Do, Not Who You Are
  48. Don’t Believe the Hype

These laws come from the book Pimpology: The 48 Laws of the Gameby Pimpin’ Ken. If some men condone this we as women must stand up for our rights. It is not love and you are not a business transaction. Make him get a  job and treat women they way he would want to treat his future child. Don’t hate him, he is ignorant to your self-worth and thinks he is above you, so he uses you. Girls are getting younger and easier to manipulate.  He doesn’t love you, when he says “break bread.” Pimping is a mind game! People think it is strictly about sex. No, it is  primarily about breaking down your self esteem. How is he taking care of you if he is passing you around to increase his wealth? 

Be A Better Version Of Yourself! ***messymandella***

        Can you  reimagine your life?

I can do what I want!

I can live how I Want!

What do you want?

Are you tired of bills,lies,and confusion?

You can’t get through life, always worrying.

Love Yourself.

Find Your Self Worth

Help out anyone you can!

Don’t Let anyone tell you,that you are not good enough!

If anyone thinks that you are beneath them,STAY AWAY.

Sometimes we make our own beds,so we must lie in them!

I know the difference between a true friend,and a frenemie!

I know that people who keep confusion and drama,have low self-esteem.


A situation happened that destroyed someone,an innocent person.

The person was treated unfairly,and it is awful.

That Person deserves an apology.

They will never get it.

A person lost their job for no real reason.

It’s not right.The way you treats people reflects who you are.

The person(s) that ruined her finances,and improvement should apologize!

Now her life,has changed and it wasn’t even her fault.

Every conversation, minute or second counts.

How do you want to be remembered?

Do you want to be remembered as an instigator?

Do you want to be remembered as a Side Line Chick?

How can you take this life and play games, when you could make it a better place?

Seeds are growing.

You can be a positive light, or a negative light!

Take this moment, and minute to realize that everyone has a past.

What  are you going to do to improve your future?

Start by Treating People Right!

Respect Yourself! ***messsymandella***

Can’t believe you don’t think you are worth it? I have seen women and men repeatedly give into temptation, for one night stands. One night of useless,meaningless sex. There is this empty feeling that people have, inside of them. That emptiness that makes you go home with someone, and give a part of yourself. You say that you don’ t want a relationship? So you run from what you want? A one night stand is a reason to hug or touch a person , because you need that human connection. That fleeting moment is a temporary fix, for what you are missing in life. There will never be anyone that will admit they are single and lonely. Single is suppose to be fun, but you are going to the clubs and bars trying to find human interaction? There is nothing wrong with going out and clubbing, but are you doing the same damn thing every weekend, with the same people?Will you be doing the same thing in 20 more years?Don’t know too many night clubs that sale Ensure,Geritol,and give AARP discounts..When will you realize that the clubs, and lack of realness are dimming your own respect for your potential partner?Sad, to think you are happy,when you are really sad.Everything seems funny and meaningless,but you know that its more to life than just the same mundane routine.

Women, men can smell insecurity a mile away. They know when your alone and need compassion.You don’t want to come home alone, so you go home with him. So if you think that once you give your body to someone, your now a part of their future? He will not take you home to momma.So what if he adds you to his Facebook friends,it means nothing! You may find yourself attracted to someone,but make them work to get you.

I went down that road and know, that people will judge you for what you did in the past.I am not stupid, but I didn’t know my self-worth. I didn’t respect, myself. Do you? I can ‘t even imagine going down that road, again. I am here to tell you that no matter what, Respect You. Are you wifey material or are you a jump off?

You make that decision!

Don’t be the decision,be the decider.

Life is too amazing, to be a random number in a phone.Why risk getting a sexually transmitted disease?Does it really make sense to have sex with someone, when you don’t know their last name? How many times have you let someone make that decision for you? See in this society we live in, a man can go home with 6 women in a week and he gets a high-five and applause. When a woman does it, she gets glares and a reputation. Well, there are men that will discuss your ass on social media from your body flaws to your sexual technique.I feel that you are worth more than that in life.

If he says he doesn’t want a relationship, don’t open your legs until he does.

Respect You! You are so much better than being a club hopping jump off, with low self-esteem. Respect You, and he will have no choice, but to do the same thing!

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