Beastie Boys – “Ch-Check It Out” -Make Some Noise-***messymandella***

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Glastonbury 2014 *M.I.A. -Lana Del Ray-Tune Yards***messymandella***

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Florence + The Machine{

                                       Picture taken By Steffen Schmid


I love Florence!

Those close to me find it peculiar that I am “Ride Or Die” for Florence!

Oh well, that chick can sing her ass off.

She has talent,beyond imaginable.

The chick is one of the best.

Her clothes are similar to Edward Scissorhands meets Angela Lansbury.

She still killing the Game.


Oh, I didn’t think I had a rebuttal… Shake It Out Live(killing these high notes SNL) Lover To Lover(New video released on 11-19-2012)

Do What You Got To Do!

South Carolina’s Angie Stone