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Da Hell Is You Wearing!? December 2014 Edition***messymandella***



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Maybe I Was Born A Bad Girl? ***messymandella***

My Happiness is my own, you can be a part of it , if you would like to be!

No matter what happens in my life,  I have to decide how I will deal with it on a daily basis but not let it consume my existence.

I need love and understanding,  just like you! 

Are you around people who want you to change the world?

Do you believe that your voice should be heard?

I do!

I believe that we have the government and our moral and religious codes that enable us to decide what we create in life!

You also have to plant that seed of humanity to grow!

I don’t sleep with married men, steal, kill, or snatch lace-fronts!

Those are things that remain part of my strong belief system.

Then there is that side of me that my parents say was a little distracting…

I would run away with my teddy bear, Rail Road Pup.

I would give strangers wrong names so it would take longer for my parent to find me after I ran away.

I would clap when my parents would find me, like it was a game or some mission.

I could have ended up on America’s Most Wanted!

On many occasions, I would also run down the street, by unlocking the door knob.

I was too damn short to close it back…

Yes, I would leave it flying open!

My dad said I would smirk at him before I would throw mashed potatoes on the wall of any restaurant!

He claimed that I knew EXACTLY what I was doing!

If you know me now,  you would know some things don’t change.

So,  Maybe I  got a little “Sasha Fierce” (No Illuminati) inside of me!

Do you?



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