klaus nomi – “keys of life” ***messymandella***

Listen and ask yourself, “What Can I do with this beat?”

Some of the hottest freestyle are of course from Drake and Jay Z’s, “Pound Cake” because everyone heard something else…

Artist will stay motivated and polished if they listen to every genre of music, and respect creativity and each others’ interpretation and respect the eccentric, remember  Micheal Jackson was considered eccentric and he is and always will be “The King Of Pop.” Klaus died in 1983 before AIDS received its negative and shaming stigma.

IF the artist is serious about the culture and and the art form, they should be able to adapt and express themselves within any genre of music, and make it their own.

You will be surprised what artistic connections you will make that will also compliment your undying talent, and

admiration for OUR music.


messy CLASSIC picture

The White Mixtape Classic – Jay Z And The Beatles -Danger Mouse***messymandella***




The Beatles And Fearce Vill – Let It Be—***messymandella***

WAKE UP(Harold Melvin…) Covered Ronnie Lewis***messymandella***

 The Gospel has to wake up the mentally dead.


People do not want to hear the truth, if they are part of the problem.

Give them love, even if they hate you for it!

How many moms and dads need planned a burial for  their child in January 2014, due to Gun Violence.

Sadly,  violence and minority fathers stuck in prison are a complacent, but familiar  occurrence.

When did we stop demanding and hoping  to be loved?

Women don’t want to rock the boat so  they just hope and pray that when their child enters  High school that maybe marriage will be  in the future.

We are failing are youth!

I can’t even imagine what Chicago will be like in the next 10 years.

Look at Cheif Keef , and his gang banging, violence, and multiple arrest. Look at his crew member LIl’ Reese that stepped on a girl while screaming out insults and gang affiliation.

Enough is Enough  that embrace our culture, but breathing and believing that I will be the integral minority.

We need young men and women to stay above the ground and away from the prison system.

 Please step up and speak your mind, even it is popular you will sleep better at night.

Once again, i despise and have a horrible distaste for his racist basis shenanigans.

 I realized that we are so in denial about our own situation,destruction.

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