Elizaveta Is A Dreamer***messymandella***

Елизавета исполняет свою песню Мечтатель с оркестром, как гостья на концерте Би2 в Минске.

 Maybe up top is the same as below, maybe?
Elizaveta performs her song Dreamer with symphony orchestra, as a guest vocalist at the Bi2 extravaganza in Minsk, Belarus (Minsk Arena).


I have no idea what that translation means!


 It could be directions to a treasure chest of gold in Russia?


It could be a recipe for Solyanka (soup), or a recipe for a Pelmeni (dumplings) maybe?


It could also be a Google Map request for the Kentucky Fried Chicken  in Moscow?


Don’t ask me, just enjoy the song…


Casualty Of Love By Jessie J***messymandella*** Desperado From The Eagles

        Learning, and accepting comes with time and self- evaluation. We don’t possess all the answers when it comes to life and people you include in this journey of life. I tell people I love them, because I believe that when you leave this world, love is the only thing that keeps your energy alive. I am very private in my life, because that strengthens a genuine friendship. I don’t care what others think of that person, If I dig them spiritually! They always show me respect!

       I have never been disrespected, and I wouldn’t be anyway.  In time that love will grow into a bond If you are patient. Some habits are hard to break, and you can preach, beg, and even bargain but you have to avoid letting outside factors destroy than bond. A blessed bond can become “broken.” Now, I am happy just knowing that person is breathing and woke up to live another day. When people live a life  you don’t understand, it is more beneficial not to face the perceived dysfunction. Some label a person in such a harsh manner that they build up a wall. You know those Desperados that love freedom, women, partying, women, money, women (Yes, I know I have mentioned women 3 times) as an amazing life.

Are you still going to be doing that while you popping open an Ensure and changing your Depend Diapers?

        In life you take that chance, timing is everything. He or she is observing you and learning who you are too.  It is better this way, because everything is authentic. No one lying about who they are, and what they do on a daily basis. You know them through your mind and heart, and not by what’s in their pants, or pockets. No one knows the secret to lasting bond, but you want something bad enough you will fight! You may lose the war, but it is not that bad to be a “Casualty Of Love.”

You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

I am giving you that “I am about that life” look!

Life is not meant to be dreadful and full of deceptive personalities.

 You can stop accepting situations because you are afraid to be ALONE!

That word is a pitiful excuse and explanation of fear.

You can be so timid and soft-spoken and miss out on your amazing life.

You are not alone. I can promise you that someone somewhere has you in their heart and thoughts.

Why would you assume because you can’t feel or kiss that love it doesn’t exist?

 Love is when you see a little girl like Taylon that is living her last moments without regret(Make A Wish) recipient!

You feel pain and hurt well dammit,  that is LOVE.

You convinced the world that you don’t need one person but an entire room of people.

Well, if you feel that way sadly you are alone.

Love and fear keep you running too afraid to take that next step.

Live like you are dying.

Live like you can feel me hugging you!

I am here, because I once felt alone in a room full of people.

I left that room and those people and learned to love them from a distance.

 Love is not just touching, it is about going above and beyond to show the world you were here and that you made a difference in that persons life.

That is love, and you  will never use, hurt or judge that person! No matter what the rest of the world may say, you can see through that fog, and live for yourself.

YOU are not alone, I can promise you!

Energy and positive thinking may guide you but your willingness to succeed makes you unstoppable.

 You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

Signs Of Insecurity! ***messymandella***

Have you ever walked by someone who rolls their eyes?

Sometimes people will wonder how to fix it, or is it their fault? You shouldn’t sweat it.

Are you robbing or stealing from them? Are you messing with their sex dealer? They may have a reason to give you the  evil eye. You should get shade from them, in those situations. Most of the time it has nothing to do with you at all. If someone gives you the side eye; keep it moving.Analyze the situation (for 30 seconds only) a then smile and walk away.

There is no reason to whisper, roll your eyes, or laugh when someone walks by or smiles at you. Strange as it seems, that still has nothing to do with you. I promise!


1. They are always mad at someone for no damn reason.

2. They want to always believe that every situation has to do with them, when it is not even that serious.

3. They have a look of hatred in their eyes, but you don’t even know their last name.

4. Insecure people always have negative criticisms for you every day.

5. They don’t want better in life, but they throw shade at anyone else, that has goals.

6. They overly talk about their sexual ability, size or proportions in public situations, and even on-line. Desperation.

7. An insecure person likes to divide friends and family, to keep confusion and cause drama.

8. An insecure person usually has different personalities, depending on who is around.

9. Do they get involved into every situation, and always have advice (like you care what they think?)

10. An insecure person ALWAYS can locate the faults in others.

These are all signs of Adult Bullying. No one is that beautiful or special that they can burst out laughing when someone walks by.Once you look at the group,you will see the insecurity in their faces.They have to make fun of you. Adults should know better, but some people are just losers.

Unless you look like Nia Long or Jessica Biel, you shouldn’t have critiques on what anyone looks like. Not too many people are that lucky, I’m not. Ha, Ha! Upgrade your own physical appearance, before dissecting someone else.

Sing this song when you are in the presence of insecurity.


(Elizaveta) It Wasnt Meant To Be, Baby!***messymandella***

Consider your life and what you have been through this year, and what you regret.
Why did you try to control the inevitable?

Love still slipped out of your reach, but your dignity and life remain in you and no one can steal that from you!

Sorry, it was meant to happen, and you can’t prevent actions that you don’t see approaching.
You can’t trust everyone that smiles in your face!

Make them treat you like you are a diamond. You are worth it,and deserve it!

We all have left people behind, and I am sure that pain will linger, but you can’t concede because someone doesn’t understand the prize that THEY have lost in you!

Their destructive lives and lack of goals are creating a dangerous situation that can also be volatile to your well-being.

When your significant other, becomes insignificant it was meant to be and those moments were written in the stars.
You can’t change Karma and fate, you can change how you handle it!
You must keep a tight circle and stay loyal.
The atmosphere in unrequited love has the potential to be volatile, and mentally damaging.
Leaving is simple for some, but people have the tendency to be afraid of the unknown.
No one is perfect, but you can’t fake feelings and waste your time with those that don’t understand loyalty.
You can play games with people, but it will only turn your dreams of love into hatred.

Karma is real and you can play with it at your own discretion, but be prepared for the lasting result.

I know in life, it is devastating and a little frightening to leave trash behind. You can contemplate recycling a past relationship, but why didn’t it work in the first place?

If the relationship was authentic and built on love, you would never have to question the relationship at all!

Leave drama behind, and shake it off!

Some humans clearly don’t deserve your time or your tears.

If I Loved You-DELTA RAE-Lyndsey Buckingham ***messymandella***That Damn Spark

What Is “That Damn Spark?”  Have you ever looked in someone’s eye and the attraction was just too powerful?  That feeling that you have that can’t be explained.It’s not just about looks. The force is so powerful,and you just want to figure it out?  I can’t understand it, but it’s that feeling you have that you just want to see them  just walk by. You can be single, but that person stays on your mind.  Sometimes you think it’s just sexual,but it is a spiritual connection. Doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life.  You still want to see that person.You have never kissed, or even gave them a hug, but you get shy and bashful when you see them.

It is That Damn Spark! 

You are lying to yourself, if you think it will go away.  

I think it is all about timing.

Your closest friends notice!

When you want someone spiritually, it is real.

You should not pretend to love someone if you don’t!

Why get their hopes up for no reason?

Why start a relationship, when your heart is somewhere else?

You can’t lie to yourself.

There is nothing you can do, if that spark is not there.

You are wasting that other persons time!

How selfish can you be?