mystery still clouds the murder of christopher “biggie” wallace ***messymandella***


I think sometimes in urban neighborhoods, we think it is cool to be in a casket.

Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered? 

How many dummies in prison from gun charges, and they never got a chance to fire them?

I don’t go to the grocery store with my gun, and I don’t hang around fools that can get me shot.

If I was hit by a bullet it  could be someone with the same color of skin as mine.

Get caught “lacking” at a job fair, and stop being stupid.

Pondering Minds What To Know:

Have you ever heard of someone shooting at a Dolly Parton, or Pattie Labelle  concert? 

FYI, you are not a soldier unless you are fighting in Iraq, or any other country for our freedom.

You are not a soldier, when you kill for your own greed.

Biggie Smalls never had a chance to become a grandfather, will you?



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biggie ***messymandella***

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Raven Symone-That’s So Lesbian***messymandella***

     The world is buzzing about Raven Symone maybe being a lesbian?I don’t understand why people are shocked.Everyone has their own sexuality and can live their life the way they choose. Raven Symone has been a positive person. She had  people in her life for years making sure she could be  a role model to young women. If she is bumping it with TopModel AzMarie would that make her any less of Rolemodel.HELL NO!

Raven Symone  has worked to perfect her name and to build her empire.She should be able to live her life anyway she likes too.People cheat and lie,and play games today.So if you find someone who wants to get to know  you better and makes you happy,then I am happy for you. In this life you need to find love that makes you comfortable. Her “alleged” girlfriend is beautiful.Raven Symone is balling.Raven Symone can buy her own damn island. If you miss out on a friendship or love, you can’t blame anyone but yourself.  Everyone deserves to be loved.

I  admire that she won’t admit if she is a lesbian, but won’t say she isn’t. The same people who oppose same-sex couples are usually Bible Thumpers that can give you scriptures and cheat on their wives. They are usually the Bishop Eddie Long types, and are usually hiding their own sexuality. It is a safe bet that we are breaking at least one commandment on a every day basis. Over eating(gluttony)is a sin.Does that mean Rick Ross will have his Excursion size ass sent to hell?You can look at his size DD bra size and realize he is committing gluttony on an hourly basis.

You go Raven, be you and tell the ignorant people to kick rocks.Everyone wants to be a representative for God, but ostracize certain people because of it.Unless you get a text from Jesus, you don’t  have heavenly permission to judge anyone.