mystery still clouds the murder of christopher “biggie” wallace ***messymandella***


I think sometimes in urban neighborhoods, we think it is cool to be in a casket.

Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered? 

How many dummies in prison from gun charges, and they never got a chance to fire them?

I don’t go to the grocery store with my gun, and I don’t hang around fools that can get me shot.

If I was hit by a bullet it  could be someone with the same color of skin as mine.

Get caught “lacking” at a job fair, and stop being stupid.

Pondering Minds What To Know:

Have you ever heard of someone shooting at a Dolly Parton, or Pattie Labelle  concert? 

FYI, you are not a soldier unless you are fighting in Iraq, or any other country for our freedom.

You are not a soldier, when you kill for your own greed.

Biggie Smalls never had a chance to become a grandfather, will you?



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New Designs From Rachel Roy


 Here is a glimpse of  Rachel Roy’s latest designs.

 She can take 10 pieces and turn them into 40 different looks.

Check out some of her earlier designs , and get familiar on

 Rachel Roy’s gorgeous pieces, always reflect her dazzling eye for fashion!

Visit a few of my fashion favorite fashion mavens below!

Designer Spotlight Rachel Roy: Unracked

One of my favorite designers!

She has come a long way from being wifey to Dame Dash.

She is a role model for women and talented.

This is her style profile!

Meet the Mother and woman behind the brand. <em

Feministic Inspiration Rachel Roy

Strong, and Beautiful