deaths in chiraq- just the rappers…***messymandella***this message is ONLY for the young that still have a chance

You understand that citizens in Chiraq are in desperation for a soul-searching purpose and national support in the killing fields caused by the youth. The adults are prisoners of their own homes and the roles are reversed in a desolate life of deference. Conformity is the easiest manipulator of this violence and drilling movement. Again, Chicago, is not an isolated city, that should be blamed for all the deaths of upcoming rappers. We know “men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t lie.” Hopefully, watching their music at your leisure, and looking into your hearts could spare the life of one, little boy or girl.

Hip Hop has not always had a history of gang violence, but as a culture we are loosing so many young men in regards to statements made in a studio. Sadly, before these hip hop hopefuls seldom make history, but they always make an obituary.
We also are surprisingly under the impression that the war in this sate will just go away, if we focus on other issues.


We are loosing numerous young men and women in babies, and they will never get media attention because a white man didn’t pull the trigger!

The deaths in Chiraq are in tune with any other war and genocide. What about the innocent people who lose their babies to stray bullets? Rent a gymnasium, bring all your guns and bullets there and settle your beefs there. Stop ending lives of people who are actually want to uplift their people and not destroy them. Some parents are unable there for their children. Some parents are in factories and restaurants 9-5 and dedicated to working extra hours to build a promising life.
Why should their children feel obligated to choose a gang just to survive?

Gangs and their Tyshawn Lee, and that baby has pictures in his little school uniform and book bag. If you could still pick up a gun in Chiraq after that baby’s life, you are inhumane and have numbed yourself of human decency. Yes, you need those guns to survive, but this is a mental war.

You are surviving in the cesspool that you created, and the elders around you have no doubt demonstrated.
I look around where I am living, but know that the same gang violence is 15 miles away and purposely avoid those areas.

Why should I have to avoid places with people who have the same ethical background and color of skin of me? If you are not a violent person, you are afraid that you will encounter violence in certain clubs, bars and neighborhoods.

What if you only have that place in Chiraq? Parents have a extremely difficult time watching their children or even planning for the future.
Activist are murdered for trying to helping their community. It is easier to stand back and observe the destruction of the culture, but harder to speak up.

I love my people of all races, but some wealthy and terrified individuals will assume that all black women only want baby daddy’s but will raise families from the government but still keep getting pregnant by the same dead beat. I didn’t grow up like that, I watched my friends being raised by their aunts and grandmother’s because some parents could not provide.



Those damn stereotypes, will always follow people of color if we increase that image in society. The violence increases and the stereotypes gain a larger audience, and segregates demographics, due to false impressions and the actions of a few.

I pray and cry for our youth to understand that songs don’t have to be examples on how to live. I listen to a song, and don’t live the songs, but I love hip hop.

The youth understand that conscious rappers do not garner airplay. The gang culture has swept into hip hop, but it was never supposed to be intertwined. We had songs that dealt with the betterment of our children. We have forgotten, that hip hop in the 1980’s and 1990’s embraced love. NWA came along and a few others and we assumed the worse we treated our people, the better the rapper and bigger the sales.

Now, what do we have? Our views and misrepresentations of our people are integral in this list.
In Chiraq, We have a list of rappers in one area, that never even made it to the radio or the age of legal consent. Watching something so beautiful turn into something used to end lives, I wonder do these rappers even appreciate hip hop?
Do they understand, dropping bodies will not make you “real” but it will make you “real dead?”

The list of 2015 dead Chiraquians will most definitely be just as saddening. Most people have never heard of these people. If you visit YouTube to watch their videos, you will be sickened by their talent and promise that never had a chance to flourish.
Why kill each other below that is not the only way to get money in the industry? That doesn’t make you a rapper. Adele, Oprah and Beyoncé aren’t killing people to garner fans or become millionaires, there are other ways to become successful. Killing makes you a self-hating person.
You will not find more than 20 recent videos in mainstream that don’t brag about gang affiliation. We are still mentally enslaved and it is easier to ignore the truth. I can separate the truth and not fall in the trap, but the people in this video (above) never had a chance to separate the gimmick from the art form.

Will you?


Part 1:Suge Knight: Criminology And Murder Incidents Prove Karma Finally Has It’s Say!***messymandella***

Suge Knight, the cut throat executive of  of Death Row Records  taunted  and  instigated  his way into the limelight but with respect and intimidation. Suge’ is  not a rapper,or a singer, he bullied and used fear tactics to ensure his street ligfe and personal live hands were clean, even his “almost convicted of everything, but can’t be

proven” livelihood.

The media has reported Suge’s financial struggles and ability to walk around unphased  by any of the negativity that surrounds his musical disappointments and scandal ridden business. deceptive practices,assaults on women and men.

  Suge Knight’s  deceitful and bullying tactics destroyed  Death Throw, but some where afraid to leave. Now, we can rewind some of his past endeavors, and how he is the New OJ Simpson. He assumed he could outrun karma too. Now  those dirty deeds  and negative that followed O.J. Simpson, will be a  reminder to others. What was his relationship to Tupac and did he have anything to do with the end result of the East and West Coast Beef?

with his recording label that was often considered and now of course we understand that allegedly Suge Knight…

Underground South: Pastor Troy “Vica Versa”***messymandella



Pastor Troy,member of  “The Down South Georgia Boyz” is always fighting with his inner demons.

His dad was a preacher, so of course he heard Bible verses on  a daily basis.

When you struggle with your own behavior,and reputation you are stronger and deeper than you think!

Only people with a conscious debate how to live their life and the causes and effects of their actions.

If you are heartless, you would “Do What Thou Wilt” because it would be more convenient to live with no sense of morality  and remorse for your actions.

Pastor Troy openly admits he’s not living the right way, and the fear of incarceration.

That is everyday occurrence, in the hood we know how it goes!

You can lose it all by being at the wrong place, at the wrong time. 

This is one of his popular songs down  here in South  Carolina.”

Even though my favorite is “No Play In G.A” which is a diss track aimed at Master P!

Remember when once upon a time, Master P  claimed to be a rapper?

What happens when we die?

What is Heaven and Hell, and how do you get tickets?

Which ticket do you have? 


Big Krit+ Slim Thug+ Lil KeKe

Let the South say AMEN!

Can we admit that the South is having a great year?

It keeps true to its form, and still gives you the barz and beats to  keep your IPOD full.

I still have a portable CD Player (people give me pure hell)!

Big Krit has a remarkable delivery and multitude of fans, but he’s been on his grind for a minute.

Slim Thug has been  missing in action since he was  hanging out with Mike Jones.

Lil KeKe also shines on this hit!


Should You Forgive A Liar?***messymandella***

Should You Forgive A Lying Bastard? HELL NAW

The worst thing is betrayal of any kind. messymandella is like the Mafia.

I am Sammy The Bull ….without the snitching.

I have learned in life that people who will lie or deceive you are cowards.

These are the people who will hug you and put  a box cutter to your back.

I know sometimes when someone tells  lies, it hurts!

 It is  easy to call someone to beat the breaks off of them, but that would make you a Bastard!

There is  a part of you would love for them to get pimp slapped, by a Pimp named Slick Back!

A part of me would love to eat Jiffy Pop Popcorn, while they eat dirt.

 That’s not right!

So, when you get right down to it, the lies are a cover up for their insecurity.

Just saying,  remember when people that are closer to the liar,  take up for you…you won!

A Lying Bastard gets their revenge through Karma.

Be glad that his people  can come into your life  an open your eyes.

You know they will laugh(because they are so cool, so sad) like they don’t care

They wouldn’t make up lies, or bring your name up if they didn’t!

You did it to yourself.

What goes around,comes around.

I will be watching, in stadium seats….

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