Women In The World, Must Unite To Bring Change! ***messymandella***

Don’t be weak and destroy the future empowerment of our generation

because someone wants you to be…

Speak your damn mind, to heal but end bullying!

Make sure that you rely on yourself, and surround yourself with loving people. Teach our women that character compliments beauty or the lack there of…

You need to make sure you live with a conscious and don’t change your personality depending on who you are around or just for the moment. 

Be You!

Live with a realistic and humanized approach and respect for all people.

Say how you feel but never belittle others to give you a false sense of self. Fight for our rights, not each other. Live in dignity and gain knowledge from women of all generations and ethnicities. 

We can not raise daughters with weak, hateful and shallow personalities. Surround yourself with activists  with enough intelligence to humble foolish conversations. Focus on self empowerment.

You are the gift, find someone who is worthy to  open the present…


You are worth every kiss, compliment, and hug.

You deserve the best every day.

Start today with an intellectual conversation with a positive humble being.

Find truth, and find people with a happy point of view that improves our mission, appreciate the unity.


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Classic – Soulful Sunday + The Visionary: ***messymandella*** Loves You For Being You!


“If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with success unexpected in common hours.”
— Henry David Thoreau

“Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your Vision is the promise of what you shall one day be. Your Ideal is the prophecy of what you shall at last unveil.”
— James Allen

Having those  bags and shoes ain’t shit without your dignity and aspirations!


I  retain hope for all mankind and feel uncomfortable  with a bias picture of reality. Living with envy and hatred  is not living, you deserve more. 

It will take time but you will see the picture

Everything you want to know about me is at messymandella.com


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Avoiding Negativity***messymandella***

You have to live your life without negativity.Sometimes it can come out of the mouth of a friend a family member. You must remember that if you invite negativity in your life,it will only grow.If that is your mistake you will alienate love,and life.People lead by example.You have so many opportunities in this world.You can’t sit around and cry and moan if you don’t take them. It is a daily task to meditate, live and laugh.Once you invite light in your life,you become a better person.

A voice of negativity may be the reason you stay in an unfaithful relationship. Some people hate coming home.They can’t stand the weekend,because they know their loved one may or may not come home at night.People will only do, what you let them do. You are in a negative situation.You don’t have to be in that situation. You chose to accept negativity in your life.

You have to stay positive. I believe that excessive negative situations make you a weak and mindless person.You are missing your blessings. I have girlfriends that WANT to be married, but their man can make it to the club,but not to the Courthouse.They will stay in the situations for years. That means the man has control of a relationship. So many people will stay around negativity their entire life.

Stop letting people run over you and not give you respect.Children watch as their moms have a different man in their house every other week.Some parents will smoke weed and curse in front of their kids. You have corrupted that child’s mind. So many negative ideas are already being sent to the next generation.

If someone greets you with a frown of an uncomfortable situation,end it.You can’t complicate your life and let other people decide your well being.When I started messymandella.com I never told anyone. I knew that negative people would ask me why? I am a blessed person.I work all the time.I do charity work for my town.I also find time to raise money for kids or adults,in need. I have participated in fundraisers for AIDS and HIV patients and visit them.I am not rich in money,just blessings. I enjoy what I do. I show love to everyone,to avoid negativity.That is why I don’t let people take joy from me. You better not either!

Inspiration From ***messymandella***


Find yourself and never forget those that kept you inside of their heart, through your biggest disappointments.

Don’t stress yourself out about close minded people who are afraid to show their artistic side.

You just have to live, and strive survive, and forgive those that hurt you.

Love the ones that stick by you.

If you have your thoughts are on a person everyday, they have already inspired you.

Keep them in your life,because they will continue to build you up!

Even if the money and materialistic items disappear,They will still be there.

Dream and Do and “Shine Your Light!”

If you lay under your covers scared of the world, that is your fault, and you are handicapping your abilities.

Nothing comes from just dreaming or hiding! Admit when you care and demonstrate your true self to impress others.

Be You!

Keep Growing And Pushing and prove those stereotypes, and sexual degrading thoughts of women, and racialism issues of yesteryear.

I appreciate you supporting you for linking and loving me,and enjoying me!

It means so much to me, that you except me …for me

With my messy ass….



Respect, Loyalty And Truth Are The Only Options In This Life!***messymandella***

5678Don’t underestimate that indisputable influence you will encounter this year!

The Artistic world moves in a different direction and leaves nay-sayers behind in the cosmos.

We will NOT warrant a second of pity and defeat  for anyone that confides in us or comes to us for insight!

We will undergo physical and mental ridicule for following our dreams!

We garner hate when those dreams are becoming  a reality, and have to stay focused to ignore insecurity.

Yes, we have to handle business to make sure we have lights, shelter, and food.

Those factors  are mandatory, but your inner growth and legacy are just as important.

Trust those that trust you!

Stand Up for the people in your life and tell them when you think they are wrong!

Ignore those who smile in your face but still have others watching your every move.

Realize that you are better than that, you should never have to prove  your self-worth.

The people in your life may not agree with the chose that you make, but in the end it is you that will make your bed!

If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge when you are wrong, but stay loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Make your bed and sleep like a baby!


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Jokes On You, I See Your True Colors!***messymandella***

Waking up in the middle of the night, wondering if someone you care about is Ok can be a toxic feeling.

Your wasting time worrying ,and it eliminates your peace and tranquility.

You come across different people in your life that can test your faith in civilization, because they are afraid of life.

They will kick you before you get a chance to kick them.

You should know that their life is a lie, and tad bit synthetic.

They want to offer you support, generosity, and affection but do they intend for you to buy that dream they are selling?

No, they are testing you to find out your boundaries.

I have been betrayed, molested, assaulted and still believe that ALL people  have love in themselves to offer to the world. Why?

The person that goes through so much to prove that they are a hardcore, feeling less jerk is the exact opposite.

The joke is on them, you can see their true colors. We can use that positive energy to embrace our community, and help our children with that heart of yours!

 No one puts so much on emphasis on hurting, hating, or disrespecting men or women unless they WANT to sell that dream to you.

The problem is that once you realize who they are and what they are going to accomplish that dream they are selling themself is a lie.

A devil can show you the truth, by trying to convince you to believe a lie.

No man hates women, and thinks they are Cash Cows and expects you to accept that fact.

He or she is skating, running, and bungee jumping through life avoiding integral growth, because that is not the cool.

Once you know who they truly are , just nod your head and pretend to understand the “dream” they are trying to sell themselves.That it is so much better than…


Can You Resuscitate Your Emotional Death? ***messymandella***

Living without a moral blueprint, ain’t living at all!

There is nothing wrong with adopting a financial blueprint but you must also follow a moral one too!

What happens when you close your eyes forever?

I keep a light on for hardened hearts,that push away emotions to fatten their pockets!

I have love and respect for them because they have a damaged heart!

I refuse to give up on them!  

It is easy to avoid any emotional attachment to  further your financial planning, but what if your parents utilized that philosophy as their parenting guidelines, treating you the same way?

What if your mom withheld hugs, nurturing and emotional values from you, because it wasn’t profitable?

Money and Riches are easily used to demonstrate strength!

Money is mandatory to feed, clothe, and flourish!

What you don’t understand is that if you have trust and drive financially, you can include emotional in the equation.

The most hardened hearts, are the ones that have knowledge to improve our situation.

If only they would stop, listen and respect what has always been here, their emotions.

Tears, failure, and betrayal are always going to a part of a risk in every situation.

If you take the risk financially,you can take the risk emotionally.

You can be restored!

Your heart isn’t dead yet, your just on Life Support!

Fun—Carry On***messymandella***

When you are lost and alone,  “Carry On!”  

When you are thinking to yourself, its me against the world,”Carry On!”

 There is no way in hell you can sit back and dream.

Are you going to let THEM tell you what you are?

Wait, Have you already let the world shape your destiny?

You are not going to fight and leave a legacy?

Do you believe me, when I tell you it is crazy?

You don’t know what talent you are given , until you fall on your ass a few times.

After you fall and stumble on pride, you will be stronger.

Have you closed enough windows, that you can’t look back?

“May your path be the sound of your feet upon the ground!”

Lead singer  of Fun.,one of best vocalist in the last couple of years.