Quiet Storm – Lil Kim + Mobb Deep ***messymandella***

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Mobb Deep – Shook Ones (Live on KEXP) Quiet Storm ***messymandella*** For Prodigy


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Lil Kim Interview-The Breakfast Club Power 105.1 ***messymandella***



Alchemist featuring Nina Sky***messymandella***

                       Loyalty is everything! When someone sneaks factual information by you, and play games is that loyalty? Is loyalty being on that block, absolutely not the case. You got one life, and that life will go smoothly once you address the loyalty.
I never would tell my personal relationship status. I don’t think I have to explain myself. If you have to explain yourself to someone, they should no better, reevaluate that relationship. It can just be a simple friendship. Once someone hurts you, that is not easily forgotten.Sometimes, you see that person in a different light. With those tears and hurt feelings, make that your inspiration to treat people better.

                  If someone cares about you, they will go above and beyond to show you. Sometimes that person is in love with an awful image, that they created themselves. Do you really think that person will hold you down? If you questioning someone in your life, and you done nothing but be behind him or her…let it go.
It hurts, if a person has anything in their conscious, they will do better. Don’t make excuses, and don’t just settle. Maybe, you are too good for them to treat you the way they do. You deserve more. When people show love,  they don’t stab you in the back, and you don’t accuse them, of trying to get something from you. One day you will look back, and regret that you hurt the person that was put in your life , for a reason. That hurt will only happen for a season. It will make you thankful,you did the right thing.

Faarow: Say My Name***messymandella***


The Roof =Mariah Carey and Mobb Deep

The Roof