most popular the last 3 hours…Pretty Girl Rock! ***messymandella***


Age doesn’t matter!
Your size doesn’t matter!
The Color of your Skin Doesn’t Matter!
Your hair can be long, short, natural,weave, even a 1990’s mullet and Doc Martins with Crush Velvet (I don’t even know…child…) like Rihanna’s new look is a positive, with her confidence.
You search boutiques,and online shops to find that piece of jewelry or top that no one else can find at any mass production store(Target,Gap,Wal-Mart). You feel that confidence in knowing that 7 people will not be in the mall wearing your design, and your look belongs to you. You take pride in your looks, and maybe are even considered vain,and conceited.

Honey, I hear it when I walk by too!

You have to feel that love and admiration, even from a hater.

They are envious of you because you can pull it off, and you took that fashion risk.

Three women can wear the same dress, but if you don’t have that confidence, and beauty that embodies grace, you have

wasted your time and the seams of that dress.

Take pride in yourself, and use proper hygiene.

Don’t walk around smelling like burnt pastrami, and what not…

You are amazing, and adventurous, and should make your own way in this world.
Those clothes, are an accessory for your unique swagger, and gorgeous face.

These women are gorgeous, and all of different races an and different hair styles.

Because we all our Sista’s and we all keep shining!


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Exclusive Photo Of The Sold Out Keri Hilson Concert ***messymandella***


If You Want A Quiet Place To Read A Book=Keri Hilson’s Tour Is The Place 4 U

Mrs. Hilson’s Phone Service Has Been Temporarily Disconnected

Entertainment writers for OMG Ghana posted pictures of Keri Hilson’s empty venue in the Nigerian capital Abuja.This is what I think happened..

Senorita Delusional flew all the way to Nigeria, to be ignored!The Cleaning Crew told her African Tales from the ancestors. One smart person hid the microphone;while Keri sat in the hallway crying, “But I’m Miss Keri Baby.”

Keri Hilson’s Delusional Career

Mrs. Keri Baby came out swinging. She is undeniably pretty. Behind the scenes a writer, and even worked with one of the best in  beats, Timbaland. Someone told her to pick up a microphone. I don’t know who it was;but they are partly to blame for her delusional self-importance. The Keri Hilson, from “Knock’s You Out” really had a fan base. The Southern Tom-Boy had her own unique style.

She made one mistake!She dissed Beyoncé and Ciara.She was not solidified. She told Beyoncé to go have some kids or something. Now the world has cute Big Mama Blue Ivy Carter. That was some good advice, from a lounge singer. Mrs. Keri Baby, I don’t think Beyoncé needs your help managing her career.Just saying!

Keri never had a chance after she kept making live appearances. She became too confident, too fast. She made her self seem arrogant, and people stopped buying her albums. Kelly Rowland is beautiful, and is sure of herself, she has her distinct style. Keri Hilson doesn’t know who she is and neither do her fans.She can brag about her abilities and what not,but no one cares. I thought Keri Hilson, pretty girl rock was cute.

Keri Hilson is lost in this world where she thinks that she is a A List entertainer,  and as sought out  artist. That ship has sailed! She seems to think that someone else is responsible for her stalling career. Keri its, you!

Keri it is ALL YOU! You have a venom taste in your mouth for your contemporaries.You have been black listed, because you sound jealous and bitter.

Your delusions of grandeur are killing your career. Just You, Keri Baby!