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Gossip’s “Move In The Right Direction”***messymandella***

English: Beth Ditto with Gossip at the Mezzani...

English: Beth Ditto with Gossip at the Mezzanine (San Francisco, California) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beth Ditto has a cult following that will never be shaken.

That sista has confidence for days, and her revealing clothing is just as controversial has her lifestyle.

She does not have any single digit close in her closet,  and she doesn’t care what society thinks is beautiful.

Beth Ditto, believes and admires her own beauty.

If you wear a two piece bikini, so can Beth Ditto.

I will not have anyone making fun of this woman’s confidence, mug shots, or her blatant disrespect for sweating.

Of  course we remember when Beth Ditto kicked a man in the balls a while ago.

Beth was asked to leave the bar, but decided she wanted to ride it out.

Beth rode all the way to the Portland Jail House,  were she could get her plus size thoughts together.

Everyone needs to meditate,  even if it is behind bars before they post bail.