Beauty: Katy Perry + Ava Lily +Dita Von Teese ***messymandella***


 The Black hair and ruby-red lipstick inspired by Pin Up Girl and “Model”  Betty Page are inspiring and her spirit and unwillingness to conform brings forth controversy but also curiosity.

We may not agree with some of her video shoots and pictures of these ladies, but admit it  these women are  breathtaking and alluring,and of course,  fashion icon when it comes to inspiration that brings forth power,from the classic but powerful ruby lips.Beauty and confidence flourishes forever and every generation respectively imitates the Golden Era fashion Icons.

Each generation of women that pay homage to the timeless and  powerful  look or the crimson lip captivates the eyes because of the luminous skin, dark eyebrows and power and confidence, are the finishing touches. 

Here are six of my favorite shades of  lipsticks that will work with every complexion, and a few are inexpensive and will accentuate your natural flawless skin and your inner power and “Roar!”



Da Hell Is You Wearing!? December 2014 Edition***messymandella***



Hair Band Edition***messymandella***Bad English – When I See You Smile


Cham + Damien Marley + Gwen Stefani ***messymandella***

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The Pleasure Is All Mine! Bjork + Rahzel ***messymandella***


Björk Guðmundsdóttir,  a residential eccentric with a voice without comparison  uses imagery and natural sounds from weather and animals in her surroundings.

The art of Bjork stands apart from her contemporaries because she infuses jazz, pop,  rap, electronica,  and pop music.

She is a walking art exhibit that borrows influence with the surrealist.

She has received harsh criticism with regards to her voice, but that is heavily because of her accent.

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Nigerian Singer ASA ***messymandella***


If you are willing to jump, can you jump into the unknown?

Can you step outside of your element,  and give it a chance?

I have always been a very stubborn person, that is probably why I  have intuition.

 I can feel emotions for someone,  that the public would assume is emotionless.

I  view people not by their title, or what other people think they are…

NO, I almost made that mistake , but that feeling is deep and if you are intrigued follow that feeling.