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Elizaveta Is A Dreamer***messymandella***

Елизавета исполняет свою песню Мечтатель с оркестром, как гостья на концерте Би2 в Минске.

 Maybe up top is the same as below, maybe?
Elizaveta performs her song Dreamer with symphony orchestra, as a guest vocalist at the Bi2 extravaganza in Minsk, Belarus (Minsk Arena).


I have no idea what that translation means!


 It could be directions to a treasure chest of gold in Russia?


It could be a recipe for Solyanka (soup), or a recipe for a Pelmeni (dumplings) maybe?


It could also be a Google Map request for the Kentucky Fried Chicken  in Moscow?


Don’t ask me, just enjoy the song…


I AM ***messymandella***Follow The Movement!

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My dream was to not sell out and take off my clothes for attention.  

I believe to get to someone you must come with positivism and a true representation.

I  will never pose with my clothes off or use my appearance to get me further in life.

My mind, and my heart are the two captains that navigate my work. I  listen,grown and  appreciate!

I have only four pictures on-line. I am heard  not seen that is my main objective.

My message is realness and wanting to unify and destroy all bias and prejudice.

It is valuable for me to know that you are here for my ideology,  and that is what I strive to continue to bring to you!

 I  am glad that we can bring every art form  into one place.  

Thank you for visiting messymandella.com.

I have a prophetic message!

I will lead  by innate knowledge and and my Spiritually.

Life is about listening to your heart and appreciating the simple things that we seem to forget! 

Our world will evolve without judging your outer  that is always an amazing accomplishment.

I am ***messymandella*** and I am thrilled that we can bring Hip-Hop and Rock,  Art, Unification to the masses!

We can make a difference in gang ridden communities, and save the innocent.

We can live our lives without guilt and regret.

I want to let the world know that  I was here.

My articles that are featured in different media outlets, and I didn’t have to get on my knees to get it done.

I don’t even advertise my Twitter page on this site  and don’t own a Facebook account.

I believe if you are looking for a peaceful, and outspoken sista with no filter, you will find me!

This is my doctrine!

1. Respect Yourself, and speak up for your rights. Demand to be treated  the way you  deserve to be treated.

2. Loyalty should come before money, and the money will follow.

3. No one has any legitimate reason,or excuse to be in a gang! I need to stand up and say “Enough!” A woman can fight alone if the men are too scared to stand up for what is right!

4. When you leave this world, leave a legacy!

5. Children and victims of crimes don’t have a voice. It is my responsibility to tell their story!

6. My stories and music  have no time limit or year preference with regards to  subject matter. Art doesn’t  have a time frame  and neither does my site!

7. Speak up against sex crimes, and mistreatment of women.

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My Mommy’s Book! ***messymandella***

This is my mom’s book!

I love her and support her in all endeavors.

She and I are completely different in writing styles and I am too liberal.

bookShe says I am too much Hip-Hop…

I don’t usually even discuss personal family because I am a private person.

Modern Poetry from a Southern Lady: A Southern Journey in Rhyme and Thought (1) (Volume 1)

Mommy wrote it last year, and I am proud of her for taking a chance.

My Great Aunt also received  attention for her poems as well.

We are all different, I am a writing rebel!

I am inspired by both of these women for taking a chance.

Go to Amazon and check out an excerpt!

They helped create the fire in me that can never be replaced.

Love You Mommy,


Meet Latesha Lee: Never Walk Away ***messymandella***

“Loyalties differ in basis according to the foundation upon which they are constructed.Loyalties may be constructed upon the basis of unalterable facts that constitute a personal connection between the subject and the object of the loyalty!”-From The Hood Bible (Wikipedia)

Quitting is for Suckas!

Respect Me!

Don’t make a fool out of the one that holds you down, and respect their reputation, as if it was your own!

Share motivation and love, but reciprocate the respect given to you!

You make  a Sista keep pushing…

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Casualty Of Love By Jessie J***messymandella*** Desperado From The Eagles

        Learning, and accepting comes with time and self- evaluation. We don’t possess all the answers when it comes to life and people you include in this journey of life. I tell people I love them, because I believe that when you leave this world, love is the only thing that keeps your energy alive. I am very private in my life, because that strengthens a genuine friendship. I don’t care what others think of that person, If I dig them spiritually! They always show me respect!

       I have never been disrespected, and I wouldn’t be anyway.  In time that love will grow into a bond If you are patient. Some habits are hard to break, and you can preach, beg, and even bargain but you have to avoid letting outside factors destroy than bond. A blessed bond can become “broken.” Now, I am happy just knowing that person is breathing and woke up to live another day. When people live a life  you don’t understand, it is more beneficial not to face the perceived dysfunction. Some label a person in such a harsh manner that they build up a wall. You know those Desperados that love freedom, women, partying, women, money, women (Yes, I know I have mentioned women 3 times) as an amazing life.

Are you still going to be doing that while you popping open an Ensure and changing your Depend Diapers?

        In life you take that chance, timing is everything. He or she is observing you and learning who you are too.  It is better this way, because everything is authentic. No one lying about who they are, and what they do on a daily basis. You know them through your mind and heart, and not by what’s in their pants, or pockets. No one knows the secret to lasting bond, but you want something bad enough you will fight! You may lose the war, but it is not that bad to be a “Casualty Of Love.”

You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***

I am giving you that “I am about that life” look!

Life is not meant to be dreadful and full of deceptive personalities.

 You can stop accepting situations because you are afraid to be ALONE!

That word is a pitiful excuse and explanation of fear.

You can be so timid and soft-spoken and miss out on your amazing life.

You are not alone. I can promise you that someone somewhere has you in their heart and thoughts.

Why would you assume because you can’t feel or kiss that love it doesn’t exist?

 Love is when you see a little girl like Taylon that is living her last moments without regret(Make A Wish) recipient!

You feel pain and hurt well dammit,  that is LOVE.

You convinced the world that you don’t need one person but an entire room of people.

Well, if you feel that way sadly you are alone.

Love and fear keep you running too afraid to take that next step.

Live like you are dying.

Live like you can feel me hugging you!

I am here, because I once felt alone in a room full of people.

I left that room and those people and learned to love them from a distance.

 Love is not just touching, it is about going above and beyond to show the world you were here and that you made a difference in that persons life.

That is love, and you  will never use, hurt or judge that person! No matter what the rest of the world may say, you can see through that fog, and live for yourself.

YOU are not alone, I can promise you!

Energy and positive thinking may guide you but your willingness to succeed makes you unstoppable.

 You Are Never Alone, Ever~ Loreen ***messymandella***