J.R. – Slums Of The City [Heatseekers] ***messymandella***

“Even If It kills me,  yeah a Legend I will be…”


At 24 years old, South Florida’s J.R. is poised to make big moves this year. Part of the South$ide Sounds indie collective, he drops his “Slums Of The City” video with us, gearing up for the release of his first full-length project this summer.



Never Stay Blue***messymandella***


Future So Bright…***messymandella***

Thank ya’ll for reading and the support.

I couldn’t keep pushing without the positive feedback.

I have met some really amazing and generous souls. I have also met others in the past that were life lessons.

They were part of what kept me fighting to win and love is out there. Do not believe that money always should always trump loyalty. That loyalty and your reputation are what will be remembered and your legacy is worth more than gold. When we die, and our stories are told, what will be, will be…

Thank you again for the love.

It is amazing that as a woman, so many men show me love and respect.

I appreciate the readers and love, for life.

I will always do promos, because it is not about JUST the money.

It is about living and loving and leaving a legacy of hope, strength, and honesty.

I want my children and grandchildren to recognize that I didn’t have to sell my soul, or live selfishly. I will teach them loyalty and respect.

Sometimes, people forget those qualities are of importance.


Frank Ocean’s Gay Friendly Pyramids***messymandella***

Frank Ocean Wants The Same Thing , I Want In A Man!

First, Anderson Cooper coming out of the closet publicly. Yes, Anderson Cooper is Gay and chickens have feathers. When it was  reported that Frank Ocean, had openly came out up about his sexual orientation, people flipped. Now my baby Frank is letting the world know what he really likes. Frank, you might just be Bisexual. Frank is not the only one! Either way, I am still your fan. If you want to come out DO It.The Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All rapper  addressed his sexuality in his  debut album “Channel Orange“.

Frank if you must Challenge Pink Orange, do it Baby. You go ahead ! I still got your songs,and will keep buying them. I can’t wait for the new album.

Frank  Ocean you amaze me on so many levels. I love you so much.Even if you go shopping at another store and you don’t want what I got in my shopping cart.   Frank, I  still got love for you, but the signs were pretty much there, I guess.  Can’t wait to hear your new music.

Frank bisexual, so what? 

 He is a young musical genius and your  true fans will keep rocking to you, no matter what? You Sexxxy Queen!I love you so much Frank. I am just being me! I am being ***messymandella*** and I want everyone to know that life gets better. People who love you will keep loving you. I am here for you!  You know I love my LGBT family.

P!nk- Nate Ruess “Just Give A Reason”***messymandella***

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gi...

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gig to promote the Funhouse Album. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New music from P!nk and Nate Ruess .


This heavyhearted song, makes you want to call up that person from your past…


This  duet  has been on repeat since I peeped  the video.


Fall in love again,  or maybe not?


 These voices really compliment each other.


P!nk looks stunning in this video.


I have always been a fan of P!nk , she is open-minded and opinionated. 


Didn’t  envision these two would share an elevator, much less a song.


That is the beauty of music!


Your heart can’t be programmed.


You can avoid or ignore  someone for weeks, months, or years, but your heart hasn’t forgotten.


“It’s written in the stars!”


“Just give a reason, just a little.”


“Right from the start you stole my heart!”


The sounds and chords can make you think of heartbreak within the first few seconds of a song.


You can fall in love again.


If you get dumped,  don’t blame me!


“We are not  broken…”