john lennon would have been 75 years old today!” don’t hate what you don’t don’t understand!” ***messymandella***




Diamond D And The Psychotic Neurotics – Sally Got A One Track Mind***messymandella***


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Kendra Morris-Winding +Cry Me A River ***messymandella***

Kendra Morris, a New York singer completes a Last.Fm Acoustic Session. She covered her own version of “The Redemption Song“,that will soon be noticed and admired by all. The artist talent is over looked by the marketing ability.She is beautiful, but she has not adapted an alter ego, or her brand. She will continue to flourish on the Wax Poetics Record Label. Listen to one the inimitable voice of Kendra Morris, you will undoubtedly detect the natural talent of her voice. She has toured with critically acclaimed,Dennis Coffey on tour, performing lead vocals. Her debut album, Banshee, was released in August 2012.With her sophomore release Mockingbird, July 30, 2013. In 2013, she covered of Pink Floyd’sShine On You Crazy Diamond” was featured in early trailers for the film Dead Man Down.You will unquestionably hear more from this Soul singer in the near future.

12th Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Alicia Keys)***messymandella***



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