Kate Bush – This Woman’s Work***messymandella***

Hairspiration From Keyshia Cole, Charlize Theron, And More! Peep These Looks “Sent From Heaven” ***messymandella***





Bitch, I’m Madonna ***messymandella***





  I ride or die for Madge, but this video is not what I thought would be and was disappointing.  Madonna will never be who you want her to be, or do what anyone expects and she doesn’t give a damn that she did not come close to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” This video had muppets and children dressed in vintage Madonna outfits? Those Harajuku lifetime slave girls of Gwen Stefani were leased out for an hour to dance with the Queen Of Pop. Sadly, that is the closest that the Harajuku girls will ever have to  tasting freedom. Madonna is a bad bitch, but the video needs a remix and a a revamped video treatment.



Philly Chase: The Rapper And The Gentleman***messymandella***


Philly Chase has been a rapper in Philadelphia since the age of  12.

His love of Hip-Hop and Vocal Excellence will catapult him to the top of the game.

Philly Chase will  follow in the footsteps of other members of the Hip Hop Elite.

Get familiar with Indie Musical Artist, Philly Chase.

Philly Chase  has received admiration from Black Thought Of The Roots!

This is a Lyrical Soldier in the “Flight City” Hip Hop Scene.

You will peep more of  Philly Chase on  messymandella.com!http://www.phillychase.com/

I am attempting to not sound not to be bias, because he is part of my Twitter Fam.

This man is so respectful to his female fans, and has talent not gimmicks.

He is real Hip Hop and part of my musical family because he shows love to everyone.

He is currently on tour and I know as he says being a gentleman is “unpopular.”

We women appreciate it, and that is why your fan base is growing.

Check out those video views! 

Philly Chase Rap status will  continue to increase because he radiates that  positive energy in Hip-Hop!


I always show love to people who show it to me.

There is a positive light for Hip Hop in this world, and we owe some of  that to Philly Chase!

Philly  Chase keeps rising to the top because of his talent and humility.

He’s my friend, Philly Chase.

I am writing this article, and don’t know if you have a show but wish you the best, because you deserve it.



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Brika – Mumbai ***messymandella***

Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/voicememos

Chat with her on Twitter: https://twitter.com/brikamusic

Or travel with her on Instagram: http://instagram.com/brikamusic

Featuring Guillermo  Vadalá: 5-String Electric Bass.

Video Directed by Santiago Ardila Reyes. Video Edited: Natalia Pérez.

Mrs. Janelle Monae’ And Lily Allen! ***messymandella***