The WILD STYLE Of Lee George Quinones***messymandella***

What others may label as trash, can become your treasure.

What one considers treasure may become your worst enemy.

Graffiti  helped pave the way for freedom of expression for artist who didn’t have enough financial backing or resources to gain artitic direction they transformed everything  into art.

Do I want some to paint on the side of my condo?


However, every time I hear a train I anticipate the free art show.

I toast to those that have entertainment me at the train tracks.

  I admire those who opened the eyes for the people, that would get ignored if no one would have explored,and taken a chance.

It is art, just like Hip-Hop that explores our love for the people,and frustrations.

I disagree when Nas said, Hip Hop is dead, it is the audiences get older and the  barz are low and harder to detect.

Graffiti and art in the exposed the world to urban art in the 1970’s and 1980’s.`



Part 2: MOMA-Jean Michel Basquiat- I SEE YOU SAMO***messymandella***


       SAMO, changed my life, and introduced me to a culture of beauty, ugly art, and intelligence. Yes, I stated, “Ugly Art,” because when you review Jean Michel Basquiat‘s Art, you either get it or you don’t!  You know that for some his Artistic View ;merely a drug induced experiment! Drugs plaqued every Artistic media, and most of the legends of Rock Music.

       Robert Hughes (Art Critic) panned Jean Michel Basquiat as “The Purple Haze Of Hype.” This scathing article published November 16,1992, destroyed credibility and  artistic visions based of his short disastrous love.  Hughes believed that without any artistic training and lack of ability, he was hyped and used by Andy Warhol, or was he? No one knows the extent or even the purpose of  Basquiat and Warhol’s relationship. Maybe, it is better that way!

      Here lies,part of my heart, that enabled me to become who I am presently. I live through my own artistic development, and abandon ideas on speach, writing, and music. I know you have listened to numerous rappers name drop, Jean Michel’s name. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Swizz Beats,dated Madonna, Fab-5  friends, and others ;dedicated to educate others on “The 80’s Art Boom.”

       You definitely can’t forget Renee Ricard, who is the reason we even whisper Basquiat’s name. Now, here lies the contradiction and inner demons of someone who believed he was cursed, and could not trust anyone. Basquiat memorized the book “Gray’s Anatomy“, Voodoo, History, and failing relationships in his art.

        As Jean Michel’s life became a demonic obsession of drugs, he even went into a reclusive state. He visualized the end of his life was imminent. The paranoia from his own insecurities were  on displayed and prophesied  in his last painting “Riding With Death.” He spent his entire life with bisexual sexual escapades, and people in an out of his life. The drugs finally destroyed his career prospects and working relationship with Anna Nosei, Al Diaz, and his relationships.
Jean Michel left New York  for Hawaii because he knew if he stayed in New York,  he would die from his drug addiction.
Jean Michel’s appearance had deteriorated,and garnered stares because of the drastic change for such a young man. Once a handsome man with beautiful dreads and clear skin could be seen walking through New York barefoot and mumbling in a drug filled stupor. He began to lose his teeth and his physical demeanor, and many tried to intervined, but that help would never come…
Basquiat couldn’t win over his possession of drugs and lost his fight to drug addiction from “Speed Balling” before he left to go to a Run D.M.C. concert. In the bathroom everyone downstairs assumed he was sleeping because he was snoring. No one had an idea, that when they opened the doo he would  be slumped over like a baby trying to get air, that never came. SAMO wanted to leave a legacy,and many unanswered questions. I am sure he is confused and humbled to know that we still remember his life, and his struggle and his messages he conveyed in his  Art.  Jean Michel Basquiat’s physical life spanned from (December 22, 1960 – August 12, 1988) and he was correct he would have his  final ride with death in New York.

SAMO knew it!