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Remy Ma- Serving an 8 Year Sentence For Shooting Incident

                 Reminisce Smith (yes, her mammy named her that) is serving 8 years in Prison for shooting Makeda Barnes. Remy is the rapper Pappose’s “Prison Wife.” Remy always discussed being a “real” and what she did to stay “real.” Remy even has a cut on her face that she even brags about,like it is a trophy! Remy will be home soon,and I hope she doesn’t go Sharkeisha on Markeeda.

        Markeda Barnes has endured pure hell. Makeda Barnes was shot in the torso and still has numbness in her body. Here is the lady that Remy Ma used for target practice.Well Remy has lost time with her child and her career because she had to keep it “real!” Yup, a real dummy that is waiting for someone else to tell her when she eat, sleep and take a bath. That hood respect will never replace her time with her son that she has lost. Remy Ma is an example of a fool that has everything, but gets caught in their own hype. She was a rap force to be reckoned with, and she had countless mix tapes.We’ll now she has a son at home, without his mom for 8 Years. Even when she gets home the damage has been done,and she is undoubtedly one of the best rappers, period.

Whatever amount of money you thought was stolen from you Remy, was it worth this mess!!?You can’t go to the studio! You can’t go get your colored contacts! You can’t do a damn thing but sit behind bars and look like a fool. Life is going to go on without you. You may have street credit now, but does that mean a damn thing?

 Remy may not be a beauty, but the chick can rap her ass off. These days, Remy is writing her ass on some “Prison Stationary”, but why? She wanted to prove her street credit. Remy, that got you 8 years. Does that street credit , mean anything when you can’t be out here making music? Here is Remy Ma and her hit song “Whateva”

messymandella loves prison interviews. I want people to see how dumb it is to commit stupid, pointless crimes and throw it all away. You get this life, and you take it for granted.

The same people who want you to be hood, will not be there to see you on visitation, or send you commissary.

 So while you in prison looking like a dumb hyena behind bars,evaluate your life. Prison is a plantation and you fell  into the trap, it’s your damn fault (Unless you are Santra Rucker, she needs to come home).

Remy You Threw It Away!Please, stop calling yourself “Shesus Christ.” If you could walk on water, you could walk out of prison. 

P.S. I  almost  fainted when I saw This interview. I cried from laughter…because you chilling with the wardens.

In the words of Martin Lawrence(you resemble Shenene Jenkins) “You did it to Youselfff.” We need stop making excuses for criminal activity, even if it is someone you love. You hurt them, when you enable and support them. They will repeatedly break the law. You are not helping, you are hurting them. Remy said, “It would never happen again.” Is she finally getting it?

Let’s hope that her unfortunate vacation at Club Fed will serve as an example for others. I hope it will stop more senseless act and so many family reunion, inside prison walls.

Yes, you ruined your own career, for some muckery! No sympathy for you, just for your son and the system that you became a part of just to say you kept it “real.”Here is a prison interview.