Obscure Soul:Teena Marie – A Rose By Any Other Name ft. Gerald Levert ***messymandella***

      yesOn messymandella.com I love digging through the crates of my parents music and finding beauty in hidden hits, or obscure soul ballads that the Billboard Charts missed, or didn’t give their proper due.

We have showcased Regina Belle, who of course is a Broadway Actress and she is famous for her duet, with Peabo Bryson on the song, “A Whole New World (Aladin’sTheme)” and numerous other hits that you memorized, but had no idea who the songs originated from, during the Slow Jamz period. We know that Gerald Levert has and always will be “The Voice” and “The Teddy Bear” and Teena Marie, is always and Forever “Lady T.”


It is romantic and you can you use your imagination to tell that person how you want them and need them. She wants to be in his arms and she belongs to him, and it didn’t cost anything…





I Was In Love, with Love With Tony Thompson From Hi-Five***messymandella***

      I wanted to live and marry Tony Thompson and I was even wrote letters to Right On and the Hi-5 fan club, so that I could hopefully get my letter read by him.

As me and my friends would dance to all of their songs, we would argue about who would get to marry Tony Thompson.

When they were on Soul Train we recorded on VHS and took the sides off the VHS so It could never be recorded over and I would have that performance forever. Damn you DVDs!


       Later, I would also have to argue over who was the finest out of Pooh and Tony. We had all their music and posters. So when I make fun of people who love Boy Bands,I quietly understand puppy love. I understand the fandom.Girls will look at men that are almost perfection, and we are attracted to men with class,respect and talent.

Once I heard about these boys from Waco, Texas that once had dreams,but later they all endured heartache,it was breaking. Everything became more tragic as the years went by. Eventually misplaced talent and bitter friendships eventually ended HI-5.

Torien was arrested for murder.

Pooh was injured in accident and they were dealing with arrest and other personal demons.

           My first mental boyfriend of course was the lead singer.Tony departed from HI-5 and landed his own deal as a solo artist.

Of course,that did not end well.

Tony later died and of course their story didn’t end with a fairytale, but a “What If?” story.
I am actually writing this from the head. Nostalgia fuels emotional comfort and recollection, that you can not replace. You would be surprised if you just relax and think of your favorite group as a child, and recall dancing with your family and friends that are no longer here. Those moments and smiles and laughter hurt for a second, but those moments also give you clarity and only builds that inner strength. We also should pay homage to urban boy bands that did not have the marketing potential, but determination even when the Record  labels moved on to the next gimmick. It appears we seem to forget about New Edition, Blackstreet, Hi-5,H-Town,Soul 4 Real, ABC,and Boyz To Men.

       Listen to 90’s soul, the most romantic and respected genre. The music gave us so much respect. These men did not sit around and laugh about how bad they were treating the women. They actually treated us with reverence.


Tori Kelly – Nobody Love (Official)***messymandella***



Moors – “Gas”- ***messymandella***Know Thyself But Know When You Running Out Of Gas, Before It Is Too Late!***messymandella***





Watch This Anointing Cover Of Boyz II Men “End Of The Road” By BLUEJUICE!***messymandella****

The introduction for this cover is rather long, by Triple J Studios.

The actual song begins at 1:39 minutes and it will save you time from the studio banter of a now defunct group.
As long as we have covers, the artist composition remains prevalent. “End Of The Road” was released by the Philadelphia born quartet, Boyz II Men, in 1991. 

       Revisit the song, if it has been a minute but some of you enjoy the nostalgia. Some of us   were not alive to witness the phenomenal,  yet depressing break up song.

      Watch this  Philadelphia group revisited by Australian Rockers BLUEJUICE. This singing group has taken a hiatus. 

        We must  have the pleasant but willingness and  ability to judge by talent and not worry about the year the song and video were on the scene.

       BLUEJUICE was an Australian band that reached pinnacle success but are now currently all working on solo projects and even released a eulogy to fans regarding their break up a few months ago.


“We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of Bluejuice … Some here will rejoice in their death, (“They were so ANNOYING, why don’t they Fx*K OFF…); while other, perhaps more good looking people, will lament this passing as a light snuffed out too soon. Bluejuice were born in 2001, and let’s face it, they fxicking sucked. They were an instrumental band at first, but that’s no excuse is it? … Vale Bluejuice. May your memory live on, may your Wikipedia page remain unvandalised, and may your yellow jumpsuits forever remain soft and dairy farm-fresh. You will be missed.”


Jessie J – Masterpiece ***messymandella***