Talk Stoop + Debra Messing ***messymandella***

A Message With Love …***messymandella*** Be Safe For Your Families


Kristin Wiig…***messymandella***

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Bitch, I’m Madonna ***messymandella***





  I ride or die for Madge, but this video is not what I thought would be and was disappointing.  Madonna will never be who you want her to be, or do what anyone expects and she doesn’t give a damn that she did not come close to Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” This video had muppets and children dressed in vintage Madonna outfits? Those Harajuku lifetime slave girls of Gwen Stefani were leased out for an hour to dance with the Queen Of Pop. Sadly, that is the closest that the Harajuku girls will ever have to  tasting freedom. Madonna is a bad bitch, but the video needs a remix and a a revamped video treatment.



Pop Sugar: Sarah Shahi- Interview! ***messymandella***


queen of comedy: maya rudolph ***messymandella***

She surprisingly only gets better with time, and perfection of her craft.


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sexy sista’s: peep that one shoulder swag! ***messymandella***


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