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Pusha T – Malice -“The Clipse” Good Music***messymandella***

I have always has a place in my heart for Pusha-T and his 17 braids.

He has that cocky and delivery, you gotta love it.

Pusha T lets everyone know he is from the South.

He reps Virginia every chance he gets.

You know how much I love the Clipse!

Well,  now you know.

The Clipse-Malice & Pusha T: No Reunion In Sight-Grindin’


The Clipse Featuring Cam’ron-Popular Demand


The Clipse Ab Liva,Kelis, Pharell– Cot Dam


The Clipse,Kelis,Pharell-When Is The Last Time



I don’t think the Clipse will be reuniting anytime soon…




*25Th Track= Chiddy Bang + Big Sean

25th Favorite Inspiration + Cocky Track

Lil Wayne =No Worrie$

 Wayne Carter one of the best !

Yes, he is one of my favorites!

He may not have the most hygiene in the game.

Lil Wayne is higher than the Grand Canyon, and you know it!

Check out Lil Wayne’s new video…

Big Sean -Guap

SKYLAR GREY =c’mon let me ride

Follow The Instructions

Follow The Instructions


       Released 7 hours ago!

      New Skylar Grey! It’s about time!

TI and Lil Wayne=BALL

T.I.P. and Lil Wayne


A Shot Caller