The Legend OF Frank Matthews***messymandella***

“Richer than Frank Lucas. More powerful than the Mafia. He was the biggest drug dealer in America. In 1973 he jumped bail and disappeared with 15 million dollars. He has never been seen again. Nearly four decades later, the fate of Frank Matthews remains a complete mystery. It s as if Matthews dropped off the face of the earth, explained Mike Pizzi, a retired U.S. Marshal who was involved with the hunt for Matthews, the fugitive, for several years.
The one hour and 23 minute documentary features rare archival footage, interviews with numerous sources who previously haven t talked on camera about Frank Matthews and never before seen photos of Matthews. The documentary explores several intriguing questions: how was Matthews been able to operate for several years without being detected? What was his relationship with La Cosa Nostra? Why did the CIA get involved in the Matthews investigation? Why has the mystery of his disappearance been so difficult to solve? Born in 1944 in Durham, North Carolina, Matthews left his hometown when he was a teenager, going first to Philadelphia and then to New York City. By the early 1970 s, Frank Matthews had become America’s biggest drug kingpin. His organization, headquartered in Brooklyn, stretched across more than 20 states, and he became the only Black gangster to establish direct ties to the French Connection heroin pipeline. To quote a federal prosecutor assigned to the Matthews case, Matthews was a pioneering giant of drug distribution.” Matthews organization eventually outgrew even the Italian Mafia, and when he built himself a mansion in Staten Island’s most exclusive neighborhood (and across the street from mobsters Paul Castellano and Three Finger Brown), he found himself on the verge of a war with La Cosa Nostra.
Matthews also battled militant Black Muslims for control in the streets of New Jersey and Philadelphia as he built his empire. The $15 to 20 million dollars he disappeared with is roughly equivalent to $100 million in today’s cash. What happened to Frank Matthews?
That’s the most intriguing questioning organized crime history, said Chepesiuk, who has spent five years researching the Frank Matthews story. Despite one of the largest man hunts in US history, there is no proof as to whether he is alive or dead.
About the Director
Alan ‘Al Profit’ Bradley has directed numerous true crime documentaries including ‘Motown Mafia’ and ‘Rollin: the Fall of the Auto Industry and the Rise of the Drug Economy in Detroit’ His first feature film, ‘Saint Aubin’ was also released in 2012. Ron Chepesiuk is the author of dozens of books and the director of a documentary on legendary heroin smuggler Ike Atkinson.”-MOVIE DESCRIPTION from uploader…



mystery still clouds the murder of christopher “biggie” wallace ***messymandella***


I think sometimes in urban neighborhoods, we think it is cool to be in a casket.

Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered? 

How many dummies in prison from gun charges, and they never got a chance to fire them?

I don’t go to the grocery store with my gun, and I don’t hang around fools that can get me shot.

If I was hit by a bullet it  could be someone with the same color of skin as mine.

Get caught “lacking” at a job fair, and stop being stupid.

Pondering Minds What To Know:

Have you ever heard of someone shooting at a Dolly Parton, or Pattie Labelle  concert? 

FYI, you are not a soldier unless you are fighting in Iraq, or any other country for our freedom.

You are not a soldier, when you kill for your own greed.

Biggie Smalls never had a chance to become a grandfather, will you?



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Dominic Newton “The Jacka” Murdered In Oakland, California.***messymandella***

How many black men are going to die today?

How many shirts will get printed with “RIP”, this week?

Will we  throw a party for you because you got out a prison?

I keep crying and praying, and pleading for our men to survive.

They have to want it… that these gang members. Men have to  finally get jobs, and a sense of humanity.

Seems, it just gets worse, if you a rapper let that be your profession,but give up that other…

Gang Violence will ultimately destroy lives and communities. 

So  for the killer, you should walk with your head up high; while you destroy humanity and put another brother in the ground. It is tearful to know that and another child fearful and confused will be watching as her dad leave her before his time.



OAKLAND, California —   Dominic Newton “The Jacka” A Bay Area rapper was fatally shot  in  East Oakland.

KPIX 5 Reporter Christin Ayers confirmed that the shooting victim was 37-year-old Dominic Newton, a rapper who went by the stage name “The Jacka.”

Witnesses said they heard several shots fired around 8:15 p.m. on MacArthur Boulevard by 94th Avenue.

Story developing…


PEOPLE Magazine Awards: Comedy Star of the Year Is Kevin Hart!***messymandella***




Mike Brown’s Mom DID NOT Command The Town OF Ferguson To Riot!***messymandella***

A once whispered conclusion to avoid rioting was uttered by a few,but the idle talk was scarcely uttered and ignored by the majority due to the sheer ignorance and blatant misconduct of the grand jury.

However, the media has been designed to create a view in your head and subconsciously lead you to their ideology.

Not only has the media edited The footage  to be exposed by the media ,we know they will  paint the picture of the family as the culprits for the fire and the rioting.

Of course the media will decide to alter the realization to create room for doubt, and ignore the injustice and the truth and obvious ignored murder of Darren Wilson.

We have heard nothing but the facts according to Ferguson.

Should they have rioted or just marchedWhat would you do, if it was your cousin, child or brother?

Would you follow the law that twenty minutes ago told you to kiss it’s ass?


Would you follow the exact rules of conduct of the ones who took away your neighbor or family member that laid in the road dead for hours, like he was a deer or a coyote?

Wouldn’t you want to burn something down?
We can never understand walking up to someone with NO GUN and watching someone else go home and lay in their bed, while one young boy lays in the road with his pants halfway down and his blood streaked on the pavement like it is 1943 in  Mobile Alabama!

I can never ever judge that family for their actions, and she NEVER said BURN IT UP, and so what if she agreed?


Her son was laying in the road while people were strolling around conversating  to each other getting their stories together and praying  that the news would not televised what happened.

MIKE was lynched and it is no different from the images we crinche at from the JIM CROW DAYS.
MIKE BROWN wasn’t a saint but he did not deserve that death.
My family and other families have teenage boys that will toilet paper houses, steal cigarettes, and even vandalize because of peer pressure and as a test of what they can get away with as a teenager

THEY also break laws in Fraternitys do we shoot those teenage boys and leave them in the road, because of what they did 3 hours ago?
EVERYONE knows a teenager that has been in trouble.

Take that teenage boy who pushed a kid over on a bike and laughed.

If we murder him in the middle of the street and leave him there, is that a legitimate action, is that action justified?

Would it be justified to shoot an 18-year-old boy in any neighborhood multiple times because 10 minutes ago he was seen pushing someone off a bike.

No, not even close but the media took the focus off of Barney Fife AKA Darren Wilson and he will never serve one day for shooting someone over and over and over and over again. One bullet in his leg would have stopped him, but he wasn’t doing anything!



Kevin Hart (Conan) And The Bucket Challenge (Kevin Hart, Chris Paul!)***messymandella***





Cougar Chronicles: Lala Anthony***messymandella***

Eva Mendes An Iconic Beauty!

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