Obscure Soul:Teena Marie – A Rose By Any Other Name ft. Gerald Levert ***messymandella***

      yesOn messymandella.com I love digging through the crates of my parents music and finding beauty in hidden hits, or obscure soul ballads that the Billboard Charts missed, or didn’t give their proper due.

We have showcased Regina Belle, who of course is a Broadway Actress and she is famous for her duet, with Peabo Bryson on the song, “A Whole New World (Aladin’sTheme)” and numerous other hits that you memorized, but had no idea who the songs originated from, during the Slow Jamz period. We know that Gerald Levert has and always will be “The Voice” and “The Teddy Bear” and Teena Marie, is always and Forever “Lady T.”


It is romantic and you can you use your imagination to tell that person how you want them and need them. She wants to be in his arms and she belongs to him, and it didn’t cost anything…




Women In The World, Must Unite To Bring Change! ***messymandella***

Don’t be weak and destroy the future empowerment of our generation

because someone wants you to be…

Speak your damn mind, to heal but end bullying!

Make sure that you rely on yourself, and surround yourself with loving people. Teach our women that character compliments beauty or the lack there of…

You need to make sure you live with a conscious and don’t change your personality depending on who you are around or just for the moment. 

Be You!

Live with a realistic and humanized approach and respect for all people.

Say how you feel but never belittle others to give you a false sense of self. Fight for our rights, not each other. Live in dignity and gain knowledge from women of all generations and ethnicities. 

We can not raise daughters with weak, hateful and shallow personalities. Surround yourself with activists  with enough intelligence to humble foolish conversations. Focus on self empowerment.

You are the gift, find someone who is worthy to  open the present…


You are worth every kiss, compliment, and hug.

You deserve the best every day.

Start today with an intellectual conversation with a positive humble being.

Find truth, and find people with a happy point of view that improves our mission, appreciate the unity.


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RIP Lionel Pickens AKA Chinx Drugz (December 3, 1983 – May 17, 2015) ***messymandella***

If the music industry and the streets were never intertwined before, after 2001 we have noticed a pattern of talented men being murdered or incarcerated on a weekly basis.

                The fact remains that the “Slime” is not what you are meant to be, you are meant to be a “King” but we can’t be kings by killing yOUR own. Chinx is gone after working years to provide for his family and his jealous enemies were waiting for him.

Someone taunted him and the comment is deleted off a social media which told Chinx to “rest in piss” which was blatantly disrespectful to his family and fans. Let this man’s senseless death guide you to the right side, and  navigate your path to a life of accomplishment. Chinx took advantage of an opportunity to better himself and someone used street mess and probably social media to track him down, and end his life.

           Once again, this message is for the babies that still have time, to leave their neighborhoods and flourish in life. I want you to live and anyone telling you to join a gang and to put in work is using you to fatten their pockets. Surround yourself with people who understand that you are trying to feed your family, and they will never understand that Black Lives Matter. We say it, but is time to mean it,I am tired of this happening. THIS was never suppose to be part of the Hip Hop Culture!

       The killers of Chinx, made their decision to join in the urban genocide.

You are not stuck in this mess! Whoever did this to a rapper and  family provider, will now have to face their own Karma, but  it won’t bring a dad back home, to play with his son.




obscure soul: shai (1992) baby im yours***messymandella***





Trap Love By Jeni ***messymandella***

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Respect, Loyalty And Truth Are The Only Options In This Life!***messymandella***

5678Don’t underestimate that indisputable influence you will encounter this year!

The Artistic world moves in a different direction and leaves nay-sayers behind in the cosmos.

We will NOT warrant a second of pity and defeat  for anyone that confides in us or comes to us for insight!

We will undergo physical and mental ridicule for following our dreams!

We garner hate when those dreams are becoming  a reality, and have to stay focused to ignore insecurity.

Yes, we have to handle business to make sure we have lights, shelter, and food.

Those factors  are mandatory, but your inner growth and legacy are just as important.

Trust those that trust you!

Stand Up for the people in your life and tell them when you think they are wrong!

Ignore those who smile in your face but still have others watching your every move.

Realize that you are better than that, you should never have to prove  your self-worth.

The people in your life may not agree with the chose that you make, but in the end it is you that will make your bed!

If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge when you are wrong, but stay loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Make your bed and sleep like a baby!


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Reload Sessions: Indie Acoustic Singer, Louise Smith***messymandella***

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Marvin Gaye+Tammi Terrell***messymandella***Ain’t No Mountain Enough


P!nk- Nate Ruess “Just Give A Reason”***messymandella***

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gi...

English: P!nk performing at a secret London gig to promote the Funhouse Album. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


New music from P!nk and Nate Ruess .


This heavyhearted song, makes you want to call up that person from your past…


This  duet  has been on repeat since I peeped  the video.


Fall in love again,  or maybe not?


 These voices really compliment each other.


P!nk looks stunning in this video.


I have always been a fan of P!nk , she is open-minded and opinionated. 


Didn’t  envision these two would share an elevator, much less a song.


That is the beauty of music!


Your heart can’t be programmed.


You can avoid or ignore  someone for weeks, months, or years, but your heart hasn’t forgotten.


“It’s written in the stars!”


“Just give a reason, just a little.”


“Right from the start you stole my heart!”


The sounds and chords can make you think of heartbreak within the first few seconds of a song.


You can fall in love again.


If you get dumped,  don’t blame me!


“We are not  broken…”





Donny Hathaway + Roberta Flack

       The first time I heard Donny Hathaway was in the car, with my family.  I heard “Song For You“, and knew Mr. Hathaway was in an immense amount of pain. You can always here heart-felt emotions in authentic artist.

       Later in life, I decided to buy the cassette single for “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees. Lauryn Hill‘s hook put the Fugees into mainstream audiences everywhere. My mom said, ” Why did they mess up Roberta Flack‘s song?” Of course, not knowing any better I assumed that Lauryn’s version was better , than Roberta’s. I heard that version, and once again I felt authentic emotions. Lauryn did a superb job on her cover! No one sings “Killing Me Softly” better than Roberta Flack!

      Together these 2 were just as important to the Soul Music Movement as Marvin Gaye, and the beautiful Tammy Terrell!




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