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10 Reasons Math Hoffa’s Holy Grail Is A Holy Fail! ***messymandella***

1. Man, u punched a Legend and fellow  MC, cried at your mom’s house and apologized, WEEK 1.
2. Week 3,  you say in “Holy Grail” on minute 1:46,  Serius Jones was in a Coma!  Man can t be in a Coma,  he created a Video talking 20 minutes later.
3.Math,  we done been through this before,  you create drama for attention to distract from your booed barz.
4.Every one apparently is against Math Hoffa,  and he has no idea why because he took 10 battles and won 3?
5. You way to emotional to be a battle rapper, you have a beautiful girl and you get emotional like one.
6, You decided to make a full apology,  turn into a beef within ,  apol-lying.  Your sympathy disappeared and now your the victim.
7. URL, and Chuckee Cheese has every reason in the world to ban you for your temper and this is not an “isolated event.”
8. You tried to bring shame to your opponent,  on purpose.  YOU PLANNED IT!
9.Every rapper and home boy of yours can laugh, or defend you but it shows their ignorant goon mentality and lack of respect for the culture.
10.No one crucified you!  In the words of Martin Lawrence, “You did it to yoself!” Last time anyone should address it, we are giving you exactly what you want, unwarranted attention.

Dear God, I hope if Math Hoffa is reading this, I hope he’s had lunch….