dr nebru hebru discusses visiting with space crafts and aliens!***messymandella***I couldn’t make this up iF I tried!





The Malaysian Plane Crash Proves That Innocent Civilians Will Never Win At War!***messymandella***(John Lennon)

All wars are fueled because of greed and religion and  those are the factors that send men home to their families in boxes,
and leaves innocent mothers, fathers, and children  dead in the streets or in a fiery plane.

These two factors will always leave a trail of  body parts and unholy wars.

We are so conditioned to fight and hate without investigating  the purpose and the underlying cause of these wars.

I don’t think it matters to most because the bombings and deaths are in another country.

What if we as American’s had to wake up to this before we traveled to work and school?

I think as long as some of us can’t see the genocide we don’t feel the guilt of these murders.

Those families are in pain, and it was not their war…


Twin Edition:Bruno Mars And Stacy Lattisaw***messymandella***

bruno mars



My Heart To Heart With Katt Williams!

Dear Katt,

         It has come to my attention, that you are a pimp in distress. I can’t imagine how many hot combs, crack pipes and foster children you deal with on a daily basis? I have hope that this letter finds you in good spirits and a peaceful persona. You will never find anyone that understands your anger, like me. You have a Napoleon Complex, and that’s OK. Please take the time to revisit your  chain of events that have occurred in the last three months.

You pimp slapped someone in Target.

You tried to out run police on your mechanical tricycle.

You and your chicks tried to stone an innocent man on a tractor.

You decided to curse people out that paid to see you!

You outed Johnny Gill, Eddie Murphy,and Jamie Fox.

You decided to tell the world that you were from Mars.

You threatened to beat up a man in front of statue of Jack London!

You told an audience member that he was broke, and smelled like Top Roman!

I would be here for 45 years, if I did a recap of everything you have done, this year.

Please take a break!


Your Sister In Christ,


Hair Swagger=Twins(Bruno Mars and Stacy Lattisaw

        I admire Bruno Mar’s  Hair Swagger.

Bruno really let his Soul Glo.

I knew he reminded me of someone last night on SNL!

I am happy that Bruno Mars decided to pay homage to Stacy Lattisaw.

Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Stacy Lattisaw