42 Year Old-Roselyn Sanchez -Movement By Myself (Neyo -FABO)***messymandella***




SoulFul Sunday: Fly Away With Sy Smith! ***messymandella***

Céline Dion And NE-YO – Incredible ***messymandella***


First Edition Of Style Watch: Men With Swagger! ***messymandella***



Maroon 5 ___] DayLight

You have to love yourself. 

Tell yourself, that love is waiting.

Don’t look for it!

Look into yourself. 

You mean the most to the people that love you!

I will be here for you!

Let Someone open up to you!

Be that Daylight!

Madonna (1985) Dress You Up

          Remember Madge in her Golden Years?

Wait, these are her Golden Years.

We love this Golden Cougar.

Madonna has been a favorite of all women that are fighting their children.

Some women use Madonna as a reason, for not going to a nursing home.

I mean really, just look at Madonna.

She can send AARP in a stand still.

You can’t imagine, how much love Madonna has stored in my heart.

When she throws those  powdered  shanks all over the stage,WE LOVE IT!