Beauty: Katy Perry + Ava Lily +Dita Von Teese ***messymandella***


 The Black hair and ruby-red lipstick inspired by Pin Up Girl and “Model”  Betty Page are inspiring and her spirit and unwillingness to conform brings forth controversy but also curiosity.

We may not agree with some of her video shoots and pictures of these ladies, but admit it  these women are  breathtaking and alluring,and of course,  fashion icon when it comes to inspiration that brings forth power,from the classic but powerful ruby lips.Beauty and confidence flourishes forever and every generation respectively imitates the Golden Era fashion Icons.

Each generation of women that pay homage to the timeless and  powerful  look or the crimson lip captivates the eyes because of the luminous skin, dark eyebrows and power and confidence, are the finishing touches. 

Here are six of my favorite shades of  lipsticks that will work with every complexion, and a few are inexpensive and will accentuate your natural flawless skin and your inner power and “Roar!”



OLD DIRTY BASTARD***messymandella***



Mark Ronson-Just…***messymandella***Lily Allen


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Lily Allen In Her “Air Balloon!” ***messymandella***

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P!NK Speaking The Truth ***messymandella***

Every woman can relate to this story.
You love them and you know for a fact they know how to push your buttons!
You want to take a long walk with them, and then push they ass off the dock.
People only care when they have feelings for someone.
You don’t argue unless you have love in your heart…

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10 Reasons Lily Allen’s Video Is Not Racist! ***messymandella***


1. Lily Allen is following the typical video format adapted by most in this genre.

2. We let Mrs. Cyrus(The Christopher Columbus Of Twerking) do the same thing back a few months ago! We smiled and shucked and jived while she posed them  Spam Cutlets all over  MTV.

3. Don’t get mad because she is copying the exact format, get creative! You either at a pool, club, or street. Next they going to have women wearing Saddles,and twerking at the horse stables!

4. If you dance to someone telling you “drop that….bit$ch” then should not have any problem with this or “The Best Of Johnny Rebel.” 

5. Women are accessories in most videos every day, and we can’t get mad when a  another race immolates our buffoonery.

6. They don’t represent me,  but we disrespected by our own race!

7. We are too quick to call something racist, when it shows a  negative personification that  only a few represent.

8. You can’t get upset, with what we,as women except in any culture.

She is mocking pop culture  and repeated video treatments depicted in the same degrading way!

10.  Don’t make it a race issue NOW , when you were singing “And She Ain’t Even Know It!”



T-Pain + Lilly Allen + Wiz Khalifa