Santra Rucker Sentenced to 390 Years!***messymandella*** Santra Ruckers

 We prayed, and We Prayed and we read and told her story! NOW FOR THE DOCUMENTARY anf you guys will be a part of it for life. YOU ALL MADE THIS HAPPEN! TEARS FROM STRANGERS, AND TEARS FROM YOU ALL. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH! FEDS MAGAZINE ran the story. I read it and made it my mission,and you also took your time to tell people her story. is not in vain.



Register Number: 34932-083
Age: 45
Race: Black
Sex: Female
Located at: Aliceville FCI
Release Date: 10/24/2024

  Santra Rucker was a cute around the way girl. She had the hottest labels and freshest hairstyles. She  did not have to worry about money,she dated a baller. Santra dated a drug dealer,Darryl Glen Riley.She herself, did not sell drugs. She however, was in love with a man who gave  her the best of everything. Riley,  was a well know street hustler.However, people did come to his house for business deals. She is in prison because of her love for a drug dealer.

Santra Rucker is in prison for 390 years because of her association with her boyfriend. The sentence was so extreme that Santra did not believe it herself. She has tried everything and nothing has worked.She is still in Club Fed.

Convicted and left to rot behind prison walls. Why would she face time? The truth is,you don’t have to sell drugs. Yes, If your man is a pusher and he cohabitates with you, you selling drugs to in the eyes of the law. The sad thing is that babies are also innocent victims in a drug raid. DSS will make you work like hell to get those babies, back. I know women in my neighborhood, that are going through this struggle today. The man has been in prison for years and DSS still does follow ups to check on their parenting skills.  A girl that works at DSS told me she had no sympathy for a woman who chooses a man over her kids. I told her, if she has been in that life, you wouldn’t see it that way. I told her that you can be in love with the money and become Ray Charles to the shit. Santra loved the money.Let’s be honest, drug dealers are treated like reverends, in communities by some.However, she was not a dealer, unfortunately that is not how it’s works.You know whats happening in that house.If the police come, during a drug bust,everyone goes down. Santra found this out the hard way.

People have protested and shown support. I know Alicia Keys and others have sent Santra Rucker letters. Alicia’s Grammy Award winning video for “Fallen” video was inspired by Santra Rucker’s case.

Serial Killers  don’t get 300 years for murder. Santra  was railroaded and forgotten. The government made her example. She fell in love, with the game. The game does not love you back. The hustle is real, but greed is the motivation.

If she could do it all over again, I am sure things would be different.I am sure she would have stayed away from this life. It’s gifts,and money and power. None of this lasts forever. Santra will never see freedom, and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The court gave her 12 Life Sentences. She has spoken to 150 politicians. This woman should be home.This is simply ridiculous. I believe if you do  the crime;Do the time! However, she fell in love with the wrong man. What would happen if everyone that dated a drug dealer was given 390 years in prison? Would you  be reading this now?

We have to get this woman out of prison…real talk. messymandella

November 13th, 2012

We have to get Santra Rucker out of prison.

It has to happen.

We could start a petition, or rant and rave, but we need action.

The system is hard to crack.

There are non-profit organizations that will help provide legal support for those in need.

I am going to send some letters to different organizations.

I am hoping that we can come together and release her from “The Belly Of The Beast.”

390 Years is mental and physical Slavery.

  This woman is on my mind every day…



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Dascha Polanco on Body Image | Cosmopolitan ***messymandella***





can a woman be a boss in the most popular story today! felix aka ‘La Emperatriz de los Antrax’ ***messymandella***

         Women like me, who are wanting only the best, can sometimes get confused as being too independent.
       We still need love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Make no mistake, I am not in the drug game, or any of those underworld life hustles.
I am however motivated beyond most, and have a purpose and your is not to end up in a casket or a prison cell.
          Every movement is systematic, any street legend will tell you that quickly.
Make no mistakes, but if you do make sure that the deliberating effect, does not over ride your plans.
It however always does, because you were never destined to win.
       In this case you will watch a woman who wanted to make a name for herself and end up in the female prison. Women sometimes accumulate more life sentences than the man, ask Santra Rucker.
        Rich Porter loved by his own neighborhood, but even he couldn’t win the game.
Get Out of the game or have a plan B, because you have two choices.
You either end up like Big Meech (prison) or Robert Yummy Sandifer (death)…



Utilize that talent and make all of it for your  God-given hustle!


         You don’t want to sit back in regret with humbling tears wondering why you left your  three children behind?

         I don’t speak on people’s felony cases, but SHE used her social media to get her ass an indictment?




isosine remixes lil dicky and macklemore***messymandella***

Isosine’s musical talent to most would just sound like any other  DJ,  if the DJ doesn’t embrace all music and take risks he is squandering his artistic gift, but not Isosine.

It  may not be considered “Cool” to listen to Florence And The Machine, or embrace the song “cups”, songstress Pixie Lot, and The Kings Of Leon. He takes that chance and garners respect from Indie lovers that have an eclectic ear. In the this mix (above)he takes lil Dicky and Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis songs both exposing the oversaturation of materialistic and flashy cars and name brands, but we all do embrace those things, but we can also just focus on the music, maybe?

Isosine’s underground fan base has grown without advertisement, but has flourished due to truth and excellence and it can’t be duplicated, so get familiar with Isosine.

He Became A Murderer With A Life Sentence?***messymandella***

hard      MESSAGE! This is the little boy is the second pic on the right. Growing  up in our little southern neighborhood everyone would watch everyone’s back, and protect each other at all costs. The little boy I would watch play outside and even hold his hand as he crossed the street is now behind bars with a LIFE sentence.

           He grew up with a Single Mother all year, but he would beg and cry to be with his grandmother and his dad‘s sides of the family. His father would barely be around to watch him sleep or wake up, because the Hustle was his first love. This little boy was raised with  an image of what a man was suppose to be, and he himself wanted to also become a “businessman.” The little boy ‘s dad had beautiful women, clothes, and plenty of guns. His son, that once sweet little boy immortalized his father. As he became older and would still come around us in the Summer, we would still make sure he had food to eat, and would stay out of trouble when he was in our presence. He was very respectful, and a nice little boy that would do anything you asked. So why did he end up in prison for life? He wanted to be a business man but he couldn’t do that working at Subway making sandwiches. He quit and went wild as the wind, so wild that we would ask where is he and no one would know?

              The last time I saw him as as a free man he was in the gas station. He walked up to me with a smile and respect, ALWAYS respectful of me! He saw me smiled and  gave a big hug and a kiss on the cheek and said, “Hey, beautiful little lady.”  I looked right in his eyes and said, “You had me worried about your tall ass, where the hell you been?” I was worried for a while. He said to me “Doing my thang, big things happening and he pulled out a roll of money and paid for my stuff too.”

       I laughed and said “Stay out of trouble!” and I hugged him tight and he said “love you” and I said “Love you too, always.” He to this day confuses  me to this day. Was he a Sociopath the entire time? Did the drugs and influence make him lose empathy?  Why was he so shy as a  baby and bold as an adult?  His  life had taken a turn that he himself did not want any of us to know about, he wanted to be in gang. He had to prove his allegiance to the gang by getting a body, killing someone. All gang members don’t have to murder someone. Some get jumped in and raped in, but this little boy wanted to climb the Gang Ladder to the top. He was proud of joining a gang.

          No one knew that he had the capacity to kill someone. He decided to kill my friends husband, and it was planned without the knowledge of the other three burglars. I will show parts of the story, but I will without privacy out of respect. When the little boy told some of our neighborhood kids that he ran the streets with he wanted to rob this  terminally ill man it was suppose to be a 10 minute scheme, in and out.  He  knew  that the victim would not suspect a thing because they were always over there on the porch and smiling in his face. He incorporated 3 other people  in this massacre (the boy in the top left) planned to leave and go to the army the next week, the mans niece(was the niece of my friend and had free rein at the house and even would spend the night. The lighter skin boy was here to visit his family for a week and was roped in to the caper. He was not from the neighborhood. He  was just visiting his relatives,  in the wrong place at the wrong time.  

          Two of the children went to the back of the house, and he and the other boy went up the front of the stairs in front of the house with the gun and he says, “F8cK that we gonna kill this cracker!” As soon as the victim  opened the door and saw the gun he was shot in the chest and his last words were “No, Oh Shit,Why?” He was shot three times and that little boy that held MY hand kicked him in the head and said, “mu*&afuc**er dead.” The initial plan was for the  other three to hold him why the other two robbed him. Then it became a murder and they were crying and arguing, but they were already accessories to the crime. Everyone realized that he planned to kill him from the beginning. In that little moment it went from a robbery and in to a murder.

           When my friend arrives at her home she finds him dead, she calls his mom to inform her of the death and the mom frantically cries and screams and jumps into her car an hour later she was dead too.   The mom was in a hurry to see her dead son’s aid to find out details. She was so upset that she had a wreck, and died before she got to see her son’s body.  Here is the link!

             This one gang initiation destroyed a family,that  had to plan two funerals the same week. That little boy finds out that the victim’s mom died too and kisses his gun and gloats “Now I have two bodies for the price of one.”  When all four were arrested they were separated but all confessed the exact story details, except the little boy. They all received 8-15 years but he received life because he pulled the trigger,and lied. They other three were ONLY in that mess to get the victims pain pills and money, not his life.

         Once they went to trial the little boy used the “I wasn’t there” defense, and  still pretended not to know my friend, and had this cocky demeanor  accompanied with this”I am going to be free” mentality. The prosecution used his Facebook post to convict him. He basically snitched on himself. People use social media to understand your character, when you apply for job and for murders. They had him in pictures in his bandanna  and throwing up gang signs. Those images and his demeanor poisoned the jury, and that was part of the reason he wasnt even given 24 years like some  murderers. They also mentioned the mom dying on the way to the murder scene. So he was blamed for Victims’ murder and the Mom’s car accident. By law, he did not murder the mom, but most people thought she would have never left, if that death of her son wouldn’t have taken place. Some wonder did she have a heart attack at the wheel , or was just speeding too fast because of the little boys actions?

            WHY? I can’t only  blame on the fact that his father ignored him at times to hustle. Gangs target unloved individuals that need respect. Now it is a mess, and I want to know what happened to change him into this person, or was he a master of manipulation? He also had a girl   impregnated. He has life, she can’t be with him, and he saw his son  the first and last time when he was sentenced to prison.

          Where the hell is that gang now? They aren’t paying his bills or breaking bread with his chick and child. They used him, and now he finally realizes that now, but he is gone forever ineligible for parole. His grandmother put a lien on her home an also turned in family vehicles to find a winning lawyer to free that little boy. If he was in a gang you would assume they would also donate some money, but of course they didn’t!

        We wanted him to go to college or find a job and settle down, but that street life was his addiction and  that gang life was his downfall.

He tasted a piece of the “Devils Pie” and now he sleeps in the “Belly Of The Beast.”


Now We Have Further PROOF That Our Gun Debate Will Never End!***messymandella***EMINEM-Nussie-DOE(B)



Parker Middle School dance shooting

Pearl High School shooting

Pine Middle School shooting

Bethel Regional High School shooting

Blackville-Hilda High School shooting

Buell Elementary School shooting

Campbell County High School shooting

Central High School shooting

Chardon High School shooting

Cleveland Elementary School shooting (San Diego)

Columbine High School massacre

Babies  and Men dead due to gun violence

Doe B

DJ Nando

LA Capone

Robert Yummy Sandifer


Big L




Lil Nussie

Mac Dre

Blood Money


Lil JoJo



MOST POPULAR STORY TODAY !(Revisit)Betrayal In The Drug Game:Alpo Martinez and Donnell Porter, Rich Tragedy***messymandella***

Paid In Full. Everyone knows that this movie will always be a hood classic.

Killa Cam captivating the true essence of Alpo Martinez. Of course we know that friendship was destroyed because of evil and greed.Three men had the dreams of millionaires and lived like royalty. No matter how much money, they still needed more. Rich and Azie, knew everybody could eat. Now that was ok, until the product ran low in  the streets.Alpo felt envious that he did not have the bond that Azie and Rich obviously shared. He began to act like and outsider. The jealousy that fueled from Alpo destroyed all their lives.  Rappers pay homage to the story,but its been happening forever.Jay Z and Nas, Cam’Ron and Dipset, and Lil Kim and Foxy Brown.No one died, but if everyone is getting money what creates a problem? How does it get to this point?Why does it  seem that greed will corrupt any enterprise.

The Real Murderer of Rich Porter

This is a teaser of Alpo’s Story…


  The Rise And Fall of Alpo, happened after he was shot.

One of the quotes of his documentary gives me chills, “Drugs and Murder go hand in hand, like steak and eggs.”

Alpo turned on not just Rich Porter, but on his own hit man Wayne Perry.

He used  Wayne and Rich to further his own empire.

Alpo Martinez knew he would get the death penalty.

He killed so many people and he ordered Wayne Perry to do the same thing. Alpo was such a killer and thief that his own street team were clueless to his careless violence.

I know in the movie, Alpo was a  monster.

Alpo wanted to be the MVP! All the death and money killed the community, and destroyed families. Alpo Martinez  is in a box away from society,and maybe that is a good thing?

Check Out Street Dreams-Harsh Reality    Check Part 2 Out on September 30,2012…..  had technical difficulties this week. Here’s Part 2

The Real Murderer of Rich Porter

Alpo a handsome womanizer, had money and the fame. He was treated like a God because of the drugs and power.No one would think that he would not have enough to retire(yes, sadly you can retire from Drug Dealing.)

Most people wanted to live on stage, where you can become who you want.

You can hide behind the truth and corruption.

Nothing could have happened to make anyone think that Alpo would turn on his own team.

Alpo was only for himself.

Rich Porter

Wayne Perry

Little Donnell Porter and the rest of the world realized the extent of Alpo’s greed.

Azie Faison lived through the deception and the backstabbing, and shooting.

Sadly, Donnell Porter did not live through this deception.

Azie Faison wrote this is his song “Crack The Mack” Here is his interview.

Alpo wanted to get Rich Porter’s connect.

Rich Porter wanted to save his little brother Donnell.

Alpo is responsible for Donnell and Rich’s death.

If Alpo would have not killed and robbed Rich  Porter, Donnell wouldn’t have been found  dead in  trash bags.

One family, and one community lost two people.

No one wins in the game, forever. Get your money, GET OUT!

Donnell was killed because of family association.

The little boy did not sell drugs, gang bang, or carry a gun.

He put his hoodie on his head and walked to school…for the last time.

I loved the movie “Paid In Full.”

I just wished they would have elaborated  more on  Donnell Porter’s senseless death.

This is part of the documentary that will discuss Donnell’s last days, due to greed and the drug game.

I always say how selfish it is to assume that children won’t follow your example.

I also don’t see how the collateral damage in the drug game is taken so lightly.

Donnell called crying saying that he wanted to come home,they cut his finger off!  Donnell Porter was never heard from again.

Cain and Able

NSFW***Butch Jones Leader Of Y.B.I. [Young Boyz Inc GANG]***messymandella***


One Girl Assaulted By The Police!***messymandella***

Some stories are meant to be forgotten or hidden by the powers that be out of fault, retaliation and utter embarrassment for the abuse of power.

The idea behind tasering is to subdue someone completely that is either resisting arrest or eluding their capture by a Law Officer.

So, why the hell did a teenage girl who was also handcuffed, get electroshock to the point of mental death?

You might have not heard the name, Danielle Maudsley until now.

Background Case Description: “This video showing cop tasering handcuffed girl helped clear 267-pound Trooper Daniel Cole of wrongdoing and have released this disturbing dash cam video that captured him tasing a 100 pound, 20 year old handcuffed girl in the back as she fled.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement determined Trooper Daniel Cole’s “use of force” was justified when he tased the woman last September at the FHP Pinellas Park Substation and cleared him of wrongdoing.

The fleeing woman, Danielle Maudsley, 20, suffered severe brain damage after hitting her head on the concrete and has been in a persistent vegetative state ever since.

The video shows Maudsley fleeing a back door of the substation with Cole following closely behind.

Maudsley was arrested for her alleged involvement in two hit-and-run crashes and driving without a license.


Cole brought Maudsley to the substation to complete his paperwork before taking her to the Pinellas County Jail, according to FHP reports.

As she enters the parking lot, Cole deploys his taser and Maudsley hits the ground hard, with her head slamming into the asphalt.

“What were you thinking? What are you, stupid?,” Cole can be heard asking Maudsley on the video.
“I can’t get up,” said Maudsley.
“I don’t want you to get up,” said Cole.
“I can’t get up,” Maudsley said again. The last words Maudsley has spoken since being tasered.

On the video, Maudsley loses consciousness about two minutes after hitting her head.
Maudsley’s mother said the trooper should have used other means to stop her daughter from fleeing.
“He was right behind her. He could’ve reached out,” Maudsley said. “It was unnecessary.”
The mother hired defense attorney Kevin Haylsett, who put FHP on notice for a lawsuit.

Hayslett said Cole violated FHP’s taser policy which states:
“Fleeing cannot be the sole reason for the deployment.”
“When you shoot someone in the back, and they’re running away, all that force — as you saw when Danielle’s head hit the concrete — that’s why they don’t allow you to do that, because you can have horrible tragedies like this,” Hayslett said.

With any rule, there is an exception.


An Office of Inspector General Investigation Unit report states: “Although the FHP policy on Electronic Control Devices states that a member should not use the device on a handcuffed prisoner, it also provides that there may be situations that conflict with this policy.”

The report goes on to state: “In this situation, Maudsley … removed one of her handcuffs while in the back of Cole’s patrol car, and moved her handcuffs from behind her back, to in front of her body, as she attempted to flee the FHP Station. In addition, Maudsley was running towards US Highway 19 which is a high volume road.”

According to the report, Maudsley had Oxycontin and cocaine in her system at the time.

“The Florida Department of Law Enforcement conducted an independent review of the incident,” FHP spokesperson Sgt. Steve Gaskins said. “Their investigation found that the trooper’s actions were legal and within the scope of his duties.”

“He would’ve been better off to use his nightstick on her than he would a taser,” Hayslett said.

The attorney also pointed out that Maudsley only weighs about 100 pounds.

In the report, Cole said he chose to use the taser because he “felt she was more susceptible to being injured if he attempted to tackle her.” Cole weighs approximately 267 pounds.

Hayslett called the dash cam video disturbing. “It’s one of those videos — when you see it and you watch her head hit the pavement — that it’s hard to get those images out of your head,” he said.

Maudsley’s mom said her daughter’s prognosis is not good. She is likely to remain in a vegetative state.

Maudsley is now in a Ft. Lauderdale rehab center that specializes in severe brain injuries…”

Nancy Grace Goes Behind Bars (Part 1) HLN Network!***messymandella***

Fina Dean robbed a drug dealer, and has 8 different charges, she  kidnapped and stabbed the drug dealer  with the victims sword. She left victim to die, while she robbed him  for over $100,000.00 dollars of electronic equipment.
        Angela Key claims she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. She assaulted someone and she was confined to 8 years. She stole about a $1000.00 dollars worth of equipment. She was spotted overhead by police and decided to hide, and she was also caught with a weapon from a unprohibbited  person.
        Armetha Bucks is in prison for Aggravated Assault as she was abused, and has 3 Cocaine Charges. She beat him  and burned him in a Wal-Mart parking lot, but she has 5 children in the outside world.
        Marissa Level – Credit Card Fraud, Robbery, Resisting arrest and tampering with physical evidence. She is a mother of twins and she can not be in the presence of her children. She steals cards, and tampering with evidence which was a bag of heroine.
          Rosa Leon was on Methamphetamine and was arrested pregnant. She threatening a woman with a hammer. She has a long rap sheet, and she has no regret but getting caught.
Stephanie Connelly is facing charges of  murder  and  she could get life in prison forever. Some all love and respect Jody Arias, yes the manipulative murderer that allegedly flipped on her boyfriend and brutally murdered him.


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