Unsung -Frankie Knuckles: LGBT Icon And Our Musical Pioneer! ***messymandella***

“While the name Frankie Knuckles may not mean much to some people, it means a whole lot more to a multitude of others around the world. He was a DJ, music producer/remixer, Grammy Award-winner and house music pioneer, but more than that, he was a genuinely nice man and it is not every day that you meet a man like him.

He did not simply play records; he was an evangelist, preaching the virtues of house music to the assembled masses from his DJ console pulpit. He was the DJ that other DJs aspired to be; a man with hits such as Your Love and Tears, who helped to make house music the dominant music of his time.


We first met in the Nineties, in Ibiza I think, at a time when the house music scene was once again in its ascendancy. He was the “Godfather of House”, the man who had worked with the pop royalty that is Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson. Yet he was extrememly down to earth; there was no Don Corleone-style presence, no big entourage, just Frankie Knuckles.

And over the years nothing really changed. No matter where we saw each other, whether it was in Ibiza or a fleeting meeting at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, Frankie always greeted you with a big smile. And his infectiously warm demeanour spread to everyone he met or was listening to his music.” -personal tribute from



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The Evil And Polarizing Bullying Of Fergie From The Black Eyed Peas!***messymandella***

          Fergie Duhamel aka Stacy Ann Ferguson  born on March 27, 1975 began her pursuit of  stardom at an budding age of 8 years old. She was a   preteen sensation on Kids Incorporated  and her voice and pitch are never  questioned. 
         Fergie in her teenage years embarked on a musical trio “Wild Orchid.” If she has voice training, dance ability, and songwriting capabilities why would Fergie have a problem with the media, and why would she be bullied and polarized?
            Most women would ponder the exact  question…
           Well, someone about 5 years ago labeled Fergie a “Butter Face” and that began the bullying, and taunting of Fergie. It was horrifically unfair and simply untrue. She even addressed the criticism on her last album, with the lyrics “Who are you?…” because the critics were cruel enough to even go this far…
           This  evil picture originates from the sexist and misogynist site Moe Jackson. This is were apparently a bunch of losers go out to get laid by many, while living in the motel 6, or their mom’s garage. So where is she ugly?
Who decides to torture women and belittle them in a collective group in front of millions?
        We teach our women to strive to become successful and to not give in to belittling and further are dreams . Fergie has perfected her craft and has a strong impact in the music  industry,cosmetic world and  LGBT world and has been humbling and  truthful about her past drug addiction and fitness being  an integral part of her distraction not to relapse and her formula to sobreity. She apparently had an bladder accident on stage, but she spoke honestly about that too.
She is quoted by Scotland‘s Daily Record newspaper as saying: “I had a few drinks before going onstage, but I didn’t think to go to the bathroom.
“We were jumping around and my bladder just started… you know.”

     Fergie is pretty, and she has unique features because she is biracial. The woman is Irish, Scottish, English, Mexican and that alone make her  features unique.  I am dumbfounded how any man or woman could be that horrendously venomous to someone that has  struggled and never gave up on stardom.
        Fergie is not going away and she is attractive. Her eyes are beautiful and you have to remember women get older and self-esteem is fragile at any age, and you should never openly  online,in a chat group, or on any gossip site taunt some repeatedly ugly.
         We all have mothers and I doubt all of them are as beautiful as Jennifer Lopez or Rhianna.
      How would you feel if it was your mom that was openly called ugly and taunted when she has never done anything to deserve it?
        Fergie is who she is, and if you don’t think she is attractive, look away but I have seen her husband Josh Duhamel, and I doubt the critics that are calling her unattractive have a chance  in hell to get with her anyway…



mykki blanco reveals his hIV Status to the music industry. ***messymandella***


       When the world is under the impression that frivolous and meaning less sexual encounters are not reckless, it takes a rapper with HIV to bring a reality check to the rest of the world.  Mykki Blanco has informed the world of her HIV status. He possesses a  confidence and  courage, but regret to inform the world of his HIV Status, sooner .
 The openly  infected  HIV positive person understands that their career and well-being are in danger, but their health is important but it has to be revealed after you have gained success, because record companies and the public are afraid to take a risk and the reputation of the artist determines their overall success. In the 1980’s when GRID now knows as AIDS destroyed  the Art World and only destroyed gay men and they would lose their lives, while wearing the purple Kaposi’s Sarcoma Spots that would indicate to anyone familiar with the disease their health . The purple spots foreshadowed the AIDS victims early demise.


“I’ve been HIV positive since 2011, my entire career. F— stigma and hiding in the dark, this is my real life,”  “I’m healthy. I’ve toured the world 3 times but I’ve been living in the dark, it’s time to actually be as punk as I say I am.”
             Now  AIDS and HIV are a part of the urban  scene  in  2015 and the disease itself is destroying families  and costing  millions, but reckless life is deemed more important.  
Maybe if we were aware of the men and women that died painful  deaths over 25 years ago, we would value our bodies more?


Maybe, if all possible we learn  that by searching for just sexual encounters is empty and sets the tone of self-devaluation?
                It is highly doubtful that AIDS will ever disappear but as a HIV negative person, it is still  a  fight that I will continue to speak on, due to the state of the world we are living in. Your business is your business, but your sexual behavior determines the lifestyle and legacy you leave behind.
We can’t assume that beauty doesn’t go hand in hand with criminal transmission.
 The negative stigma of AIDS is a problem in the African-American Culture.  As a little girl, I watched family members list every other disease but AIDS when we would lose a loved one. We don’t want to admit that we as a culture are in danger.
          Pretty lips are a weakness, not protecting yourself is simply weak  minded.  When you are asked to list sexual partners, will your  list of partners be presented in a brochure or  will have as many pages as a phone book?
            Don’t endanger your lives, and inform your partners on your AIDS status, it is not fair to the person,who has decided to play Russian Roulette with their life. Accidents happen, and condoms break , but no protection is insane and stupid.

However, Stupidity should still come with a social responsibility and we must end the spread in our communities. 


The Curious Case Of AIDS And HIV Transmission. ***messymandella***

We now know that the AIDS Epidemic magically popped up out of nowhere and people believed they were not at risk unless they were Homosexual Men . Now we know of course, that was the false hood that  spread faster than the virus itself. In the early years of AIDS it was call “Gay Man’s Cancer” but even before that  it was called “The Gay Man’s Health Crisis” meaning middle class Christian America turned an ignorant ear to the impending plague. The uniform of an AIDS patient, of course was Kaposi Sacoma (purple blotches)that were a dead give away that you were infected.
Ronald Reagan did not give a damn, if the “others” died.As we know now, AIDS has dominated the lives of many urban married, single, white, heterosexual people. The facts were few and far between, on the origins and possible cure when it comes to HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. There are many conspirators regarding who and how AIDS was released to the masses.

Act UP’s angry protest and public funeral of Marc Fischer! The anger of ghost of people who are no longer breathing but died with no regard. If the epidemic would have been pushed to the forefront of everyone’s agenda. It would have remained contained and millions would be alive today.

Regan and Bush didn’t ponder AIDS as anything political and financially beneficial to him. Why would he care about funding for the “others” and now, we all are the “others” and I know I am HIV Negative, but I know so many that are living with this disease. Now AIDS and HIV doesn’t kill you immediately as before. You live longer, my cousin succumbed to AIDS earlier this year. She was diagnosed in 1989, you can live for 20 years with the virus, just as Larry Kramer, Magic Johnson, Andy Bell(Erasure), and many others that have contracted the AIDS Virus.

This is how gay men were dying; no one knew what was happening but this is a visual approach to beginning of the plague years.This is a private moment released to bring you into the epidemic as it quietly crept on into a nationwide fury.Protect yourself, and live…
Collecting footage from personal films will enable you to envision the time, that some heard about or didn’t care about, during the early stages. If this virus had not been introduced as a “Gay” virus, we could have saved lives. This footage, from personal AIDS victims that are no longer with us,  once again will bring you to those last days. Some of it is graphic because, it is the early stages when they had very limited funding and education. Let me be truthful, AIDS Research went unnoticed by President Reagan for years. ACT-UP decided to protest.
The Art World decided to memorialize their dying community by the “AIDS Estate Project.”  This virtual gallery is still active to today.  With that being said, where and how can a disease come out of nowhere and kill thousands and later millions?Some believe it was a genetically contrived to lead millions to their graves. Why AIDS? Why in the 1980’s?


Once America was told it was from sexual interactions and unsafe bodily fluids being passed that caused the virus.
We think we know…
Some of us have heard the story of Patient Zero, Gaetan Dugas. He is known of the AIDS victim, that  criminally transmitted the virus while employed as a flight attendant. Now, the question is how did he contract the disease? Some have said in Africa the meat and cannibalism, and bestiality were the cause of AIDS.
Either way there is not one definite answer how humans transmitted the virus. The first case of AIDS apparently now wasn’t Gaetan Dugas, because Robert Rayford contracted it in 1969 as a teenager. Gaetan and Robert didn’t know each other, so we can not be 100 percent accurate about Gaetan Dugas and him maliciously infecting people AIDs. Did the government administer AIDS? Why are some still searching for different strangers to sleep with, not knowing their last name or sexual history? AIDS didn’t leave our nation, it just changed the the primary carrier group, now the deaths and infections are from Urban men and women. One time is all it takes to recieve HIV,and the AIDS Activist that died fight to inform us on the dangers of reckless sexual activity. You don’t know who has AIDS and you increase your chances with promiscuity. I believe now, if someone will have sexual intercourse with so many partners,they already aware they have a disease or don’t love themselves enough to cherish their body and not become a statistic.





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