can a woman be a boss in the most popular story today! felix aka ‘La Emperatriz de los Antrax’ ***messymandella***

         Women like me, who are wanting only the best, can sometimes get confused as being too independent.
       We still need love but, we want our voices to be heard too, even when we let our partners take the lead.
Make no mistake, I am not in the drug game, or any of those underworld life hustles.
I am however motivated beyond most, and have a purpose and your is not to end up in a casket or a prison cell.
          Every movement is systematic, any street legend will tell you that quickly.
Make no mistakes, but if you do make sure that the deliberating effect, does not over ride your plans.
It however always does, because you were never destined to win.
       In this case you will watch a woman who wanted to make a name for herself and end up in the female prison. Women sometimes accumulate more life sentences than the man, ask Santra Rucker.
        Rich Porter loved by his own neighborhood, but even he couldn’t win the game.
Get Out of the game or have a plan B, because you have two choices.
You either end up like Big Meech (prison) or Robert Yummy Sandifer (death)…



Utilize that talent and make all of it for your  God-given hustle!


         You don’t want to sit back in regret with humbling tears wondering why you left your  three children behind?

         I don’t speak on people’s felony cases, but SHE used her social media to get her ass an indictment?




update: allegedly birdman and lil wayne will go to court to file for separation and possible alimony***messymandella***f



 —–STORY I WROTE BEFORE< JUST AN UPDATE-BirdMan  is not giving up on Lil Wayne and he shall not be moved. We know Lil Wayne loves his Sugar Daddy but when business and personal relationships conflict, eventually the money will always be the reason for the treason.
Lil Wayne had a jheri curl when he first met his “Daddy” but the look in Bird Man’s eyes let him know that he would always be the “Bottom Rapper” of their entire empire, of course with Birdman turning out so many at a time someone has to make sure that no one is robbing the Empire.

Lil Wayne has finally woken out the self induced Codeine Trip and realizes that he has been pimped. I would have told him that he was being Pimped. Birdman has a firm guiding hand on his stable. Tyga could kick rocks and Birdman wouldn’t lose any sleep at night but Lil Wayne can not move out of his life or his recording contract.

Couples and friends disagree and we must understand that no one wants to just walk away. Birdman is upset about the disrespectful tweets and concert announcements of their pending break up.

“I want off this label and nothing to do with these people.” was a direct quote from Lil Wayne.


You men are in my prayers, let’s just reflect..                                              



NSFW:No Malice – Unforgettable ft. Life Dutchee=Pusha T***messymandella***The Real Caine And Abel?


Same Video

Same History

Different Perspective

Same Blood Line-The Thornton Brothers

“Why are you furious? And why are you downcast?

“Where [is] Abel thy brother?” Cain replied, “I know not: [Am] I my brother’s keeper?”

The Clipse,one of the realist collaborative team of the Southern Hip-Hop Legacy.

Pusha T is that man that reunites you with his past and embodies a raspy flow that sets him and his 9 braids in a class of there own and Malice now known as NO MALICE, has an impressive delivery but now has reformed his ratchet ways unlike his Brother.

You know I have been waiting for the Clipse to reunite, but yeah…

Don’t think that will happen.

Malice has found the Lord, and no longer wants to be in the game or curse and promote illegal activity.

Pusha T does the exact opposite, and the similar video format has the exact video treatment,but the paradox is clearly visible with the Thornton Brothers narrate their version of events.
Pusha T creates his own version of the Drug Dealers Cliff Notes…
Listen to Pusha T’s  mix tape “The Wrath Of Caine.”


Snitching 101: My Own Hypocrisy***messymandella***

I preach self-evaluation, and creating a harmonious  place for the youth, but still despise snitching.

I am fully aware of my own hypocrisy in this matter, and hopefully the truth will set my soul free.

I refuse to protect someone that has harmed the innocent.

No one should remain free for killing a child or innocent person for any Coonery.

I cry when a baby is hit by a stray bullet, or a child gunned down at a bus stop just because of ignorance.

Do I protect the murdered or murder victims?

I don’t give a damn about anyone snitching on a baby’s killer or a rapist.

When it comes to hustling in these streets one problem that can’t be erased by rules of street informants,no one is safe.

Police can not protect you from every danger in the hood.

 I knew someone who snitched,and she assumed she was doing the law-abiding thing to vindicate her man’s death..

We will call her “Sasha” in case she reads this story. These actions are exact, and she would know it was about her and I want to protect her, even if these events are common knowledge.

Sasha’s live in boyfriend was murdered  in a botched robbery. The police thought they could protect her from these senseless goons. Truth be told, no one ever saw these convicted killers as dangerous, and didn’t know about their newly found drug addiction.

One day Sasha left court and came back home after being emotionally drained.She  was in her house, and during the weeks  of the murder case, she received threats and was ostracized by the killer’s relatives.

Sasha got up from her Recliner hair to put her clothes in the dryer,and heard 4 gun shots and dropped to the ground.

The bullets riddled her home and terrified her as it would anyone. 

Sasha  knew it was retaliation, but  could not name one person as her killer, because it was common knowledge she snitched. I couldn’t understand the intensity of their hatred for her. They felt no  sympathy for what their family did to ruin my friend’s life?

She should have known in the hood, no one can be protected 24/7…

The police failed her  twice, and she could not make that mistake again.

The bullets  aimed at the arm chair that everyone knew was  her favorite chair, by her stereo. Bullets only missed her life because she was washing clothes. The DA and the police promised her know one would know about her giving leads to the police.


Criminals will murder and track you down, and enjoy sending you a message.

Alpo Martinez, Henry Hill (Goodfellas), and Sammy The Bull lived a life of crime and leisure. Sammy The Bull didn’t come home, but put his entire family at risk for retaliation and desecrated their family’s name. 

Once you turn into a snitch, you are in danger. Truthfully, no one can follow someone with 24 hour security at each gas station or grocery store. She lost her sense of protection and regretted the term,”Motion Of Discovery.” 

While sitting in that court room pointing at the alleged murder, you are signing a family member’s death certificate. If you can decide a person’s fate, they can decide your demise. Truthfully, once the Prosecution makes a case, you are own your own.

They  goons murdered her man, and wanted to murder her, where the hell is the logic in that?

      The murders received Life without parole and they resented her, the victim. After the criminals became state property; more death threats came..

Sasha  had police surveillance her home and even follow her back and forth to work. She finally had peace, or so she thought. Sasha  stopped getting threats, and now felt everything was back to normal, and she could live her life again. After her man’s  murder their pet dog was all she had left. The same dog that was covered in blood when he was watching his owner die, would soon be another painful loss.

        Sasha came home after work one day and noticed a group of men laughing as she got out the car, they were local drug addicts, so she paid them no mind.

It was the one year anniversary of her man’s murder.

She called her dog’s name, and he never came but she even heard them mimic her voice when she started shouting her dog’s name.

Her dog would never run up to her feet again.

As a retaliation for their families brutality, they shot her dog and put him on the back porch.

They watched in suspense an utter entertainment as she fell to her knees, when she found him shot in the head.

This case had a leak and once they realized who the  crooked cop was she already dodged four bullets and lost the only family left in her home , their dog.


My Snitching Logic .Don’t snitch on a drug dealer, because  always have connections in law enforcement.


Everyone that snitches, finds out usually from the law, and by their ear to the streets.

Mind your own business.

If it does not involve a child, or an innocent person, stay out of it.

No one can protect you all the time.

Until police can without a doubt promise safety, don’t take that risk.

My friend Sasha lives through that mistake everyday and now has suffered a set back with alcoholism and drugs, because of deep depression.

No one knows who is behind that police badge.

Crime Stoppers will let you make an anonymous tip, call them.

Keep your name out of it, because you can end up missing, or being shot at  just by helping a District Attorney build their case. If adults want to be losers, that is their problem and you stay out of it.


Call it what you want, but if I witnessed a anyone just shooting at a child for no damn reason,  am I going to tell who did it?

Hell Yeah! I will be singing like The Five Heartbeats, hitting notes like Eddie Kane

raindropswill fall

What happens if that person is found “not guilty” that you snitched on to help the prosecution?

Do you really think they are going to  just ignore the fact that you tried to end their freedom?

Will you risk falling in a drug induced coma every night to calm your nerves?

Do you dream of a nightmarish life like my friend,Sasha?




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Respect, Loyalty And Truth Are The Only Options In This Life!***messymandella***

5678Don’t underestimate that indisputable influence you will encounter this year!

The Artistic world moves in a different direction and leaves nay-sayers behind in the cosmos.

We will NOT warrant a second of pity and defeat  for anyone that confides in us or comes to us for insight!

We will undergo physical and mental ridicule for following our dreams!

We garner hate when those dreams are becoming  a reality, and have to stay focused to ignore insecurity.

Yes, we have to handle business to make sure we have lights, shelter, and food.

Those factors  are mandatory, but your inner growth and legacy are just as important.

Trust those that trust you!

Stand Up for the people in your life and tell them when you think they are wrong!

Ignore those who smile in your face but still have others watching your every move.

Realize that you are better than that, you should never have to prove  your self-worth.

The people in your life may not agree with the chose that you make, but in the end it is you that will make your bed!

If you are anything like me, you will acknowledge when you are wrong, but stay loyal to those who are loyal to you.

Make your bed and sleep like a baby!


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Police Violence:Caught On Tape! Get Justice For This Victim***messymandella***


Police brutality is the intentional use of excessive force by a police officer. Though usually physical it has the potential to arise in the form of verbal attacks or psychological intimidation. It is in some instances triggered by “contempt of cop“, i.e., perceived disrespect towards police officers.

Police corruption is a specific form of police misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits and/or career advancement for a police officer or officers in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest.

Police misconduct refers to inappropriate actions taken by police officers in connection with their official duties. Police misconduct can lead to a miscarriage of justice and sometimes involves discrimination.”

Hell Is Around The Corner **TRICKY**

If you love Hip Hop you have to show love to Trip-Hop!