R.i.p. Phife from A Tribe Called Quest- Who’s Next ? #DTMD -(feat. godlymC – Cortez) ***messymandella***




Lil Snupe Broke My Heart!***messymandella***

           I have been judged and convicted of my love of Rap, but hate of violence. When you grow up listening to the music of “A Tribe Called Quest” and witnessed the tragedy of  many rappers being shot down in their prime. We are outraged about Trayvon Martin, because he was killed by a non black person. Now, its time to ask  ourselves what are these little boys listening to  in our rhymes?I always listened to Biggie and Lil Kim, and never wanted to sell drugs or send out a “Warning.” Now our youth is just living and waiting to be on the cover of a t-shirt “R.I.P. …” I am fighting my own people to keep them alive. It is so easy to act like it is ok to worship a bandana.  You don’t have to be in a gang, just because of street credit. Was little Snupe in a Gang? He and the people around him, had the poisonous gang mentality. Meek Mill tried to save Lil Snupe! I doubt it would be effective, if his boss is repping “Big Meech” and “Larry Hoover. Do you know hoe many Lil Snupes are in a casket? We are killing our own, and if it ends my life, I know I wanted it to be a safe place. No more gang support, and I am not going to drink the “Young Money Kool-Aid!”

            If someone told you that they hated God, you would ban them! Why not ban the genocide of a race? Why can’t we all be responsible for our male population. Women are used as animals  to serve, and men are used as shackled slaves. It is celebrated when someone comes home in prison, that is not a blessing. I remember when N.W.A. and Ice T came out, people witnessed the shift of lyrical topics. Lil Snupe never had a chance to go to College, or turn 21 to drink legally. He never had a chance to prove his talent. Lil Phat also lost his life before he became a well know celebrity. If any rapper decided that our culture isn’t all set-tripping, and bitches serving the entire team. I need it to stop! How can we plant seeds to grow, when our men are in the casket.

              How many baby mammas will be on government assistance because their man doing a bid? Do you not see what is around you? Please  stop! Lil Snupe should be alive.

Rick Ross is not a thug, he is rapping about another gangsters life.

No one should emulate his street fame, or fake ass assignation  plot.These little boys that have no father, they turn to gangs. Second and Third generations of lost men in a casket, just like Lil Snupe.

6 Month Old, Johnylah Dead From Gangs***messymandella***


         This beautiful baby will never see 10,12, or even 21. Little 6 -month old Johnylah Watkins felt great pain before she died in Chicago .The despicable and horrific gang tried to kill Johnylah while she was in her  mother Judy  Watkins womb. Yes,  this is not the first time Gang Violence could have killed Johnylah. Judy Watkins, the mother survived that shooting.

        Apparently this time Johnylah’s father made threats on Facebook, and thats how they knew his location. Her stupid father was in a gang. He was changing Johnylah’s pamper. The bullets flew one by one in Jonylah’s body. She will be a haunting memory for all that want to see an end to gun violence .

         I keep crying and praying that these gang members finally get jobs, and a sense of humanity. Seems, it just gets worse. Gang Violence will ultimately destroy lives and communities.

         These Gangs are The New version of the Klu Klux Klan. I know that we have celebrities that praise “Big Meech” and “Larry Hoover“. Today when you gang members put on your affiliated colors, and bandanas in your pocket, think of Johnylah Watkins. Think about how she was murdered brutally. Think about why would a baby need to be shot 5 times? Think they will have an open viewing of her body while she lays in her small casket?

          The Game, Lil Wayne, Jody Breezy, and others look at the battlefield that you are making of our black communities. Look, at the fact that Derrick Rose, has feeling and tears. He will pay money to put this Angel in her final resting place. Until you take responsibility and stop killing, and start preaching the dangers of gangs, put a white sheet on your face, and burn a cross. You’re not  any different from the K.K.K.


Thank you Derrick Rose for paying  for her funeral.



Rick Ross Almost Went To The Upper Room!

When Rick Ross realized that  Long John Silver Now Serves New Crab Meat And Pig Feet!

When Rick Ross realized that Long John Silver Now Serves New Crab Meat And Pig Feet!

         Rick Ross wrecked his vehicle, into a an apartment complex. This was an attempt to assassinate Rick Ross.Wait rappers don’t get assassinated, they get shot! This morning at 5 AM he almost met his maker. His Rolls Royce needed to be towed away.

       This could have something to do with his gangster beef with the Family Oriented Gang, the Crypts. They bring unity to everyone’s neighborhood. There principles are love, passiveness and NONE of those things I mentioned above! Rick Ross you should have NOT  said anything about Big Meech or Larry Hoover! Unless you talked to the Crypts book keeper. Now, you may have to avoid Tales From The Crypt! Gang Violence is never the answer. Rick Ross be careful. Gangs are heartless, they will kill you and then visit Burger King, and play bingo!

Happy Birthday!