Solostar-Best Of Me Remix Freestyle***messymanadella***

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Common=Testify Hosted By Wood Harris’s Pimp Hair***messymandella***


Yes, I know that this picture is not of rapper Common.

I respect the hair of Wood Harris.

He’s In the video.

I love when he has his Al Sharpton Press-n- Curl to play Jimi Hendrix.

Anyway, Wood Harris  is the defendant in the video!

Katt Williams is the truth!tutorial

Who are you to judge me?

If you want your man to rock pimp hair in 2014…

Here is a do it yourself way that will save you money.

1. Borrow an EBT card and get 2 big batches of Crisco.

2.Throw a little sour cream near the edges.

3. Use Goose Feathers to part the hair.

4.Heat the pressing comb for 5 hours grab a towel and go to work on that hair.

5.If you have lard and sour cream left over, you ain’t do it right!

6. If you believe anything I just said…




Loreen’s Euphoria

Euphoria: Intense Feeling, Happiness, contentment and Joy.

 What gives you that intense feeling?

What makes you so elated, that you want to cry? 

Day 2 {Messy Mya

Messy Mya booking Cockeyed Larry