Bring Back Our Girls! ***messymandella*** They Still Need Our Help!

Little Princess

Little Princess

Young and innocent

Young and innocent

Our Babies

Our Babies

little lupita

little lupita


Rihanna + Puma Present FENTY ***messymandella***




nsfw: rihanna kidnaps another woman and humiliates her with a musical background***messymandella***

Rihanna decides to kidnap some rich blonde and humiliate her why we dance? I am for the most part desensitized by violence, I watch Snapped, LMN, and BET. In this video treatment, the fault in the direction is that Rihanna  a victim of violence, should not be on  camera making light of violence. Rihanna has her own brand of humor, and is stunning and successful but reaching out to express herself more? 

      The mini-movie does capture dark humour for some and grievances from others with eyes and ears who also love their mom and have love for women in general. If this was a man instead of a woman in this video, kidnapping and humiliating  a woman we would be frantic. Remember what happened when Rick Ross, made that comment about drugging women and covering them in his surplus of girth?

          Women and men  were pissed off by the misogynist lyrics and celebration of the video UENO. I catch myself saying “UENO” and I am an adult that doesn’t appreciate the threat behind the song, but that only means we must explain to teenagers this shit here is for attention and exploration. RiRi is in some Avante Garde phuckery designed to confuse the masses.  Rihanna is a bill collector  that needs to pop a Zantex and reevaluate  her lending procedures.

Women should not be kidnapped if they owe you money?

If Bill collectors kidnapped people when they owed them money,YOU wouldn’t be reading this right now!

    We can not live with  a double standard to assume this would not  be a composition of   disturbing imagery had, Drake or Fetty Wap created this explicit imagery of women in a  video.

      The song comes across as playful and more of a gimmick, based on a clique. In this instant, women and girls are not accurately depicted as strong, just demented and slightly horrifically competitive and heartless when it comes to their money. 

     Maybe Rihanna channeled Kris Jenner as the blue print for this character?

               This is a demented video treatment, and maybe if I was high or drunk I would appreciate the  strategic torture of this poor woman and the  process behind the video.

        I recall Jay Z  Rhianna’s boss  stating something close to what happens here by some.  If you love a song, but you watch the video and hate the video,  it can make you dislike the song.

In this case of

Rihanna – Bitch Better Have My Money (Explicit)

     Yeah, RiRi turned a page in her life where she exploits other women, but it was not needed in this fun loving song!

Rihanna, damn girl, I don’t even know?

Then again, everything ain’t for everybody! 

So enjoy Riri brutalize and systematically torture and humiliate a woman, watch her video  because that  mistreatment of women doesn’t happen enough in the media, on a daily basis.


NSFW:Boko Haram Documentary”Our Girls!”***messymandella***

UPDATE: USA SENDING TROOPS TO NIGERIA: “Please Find Our Daughters!” ***messymandella***


    “The girls’ abductors, who have been in regular direct contact with a government intermediary, also report that three of their teenaged captives have already died but no one details have surfaced on how they met their demise. 

Eighteen others, they say, are now in medical treatment…

       These kidnappers oppose women’s rights and want them to only be their submissive slaves.

Can you imagine how these little girls are suffering  and how much they want to be back home?

Make noise and let the government know that we love these babies as our own.

“Please Find Our Daughters!”



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The Murder Of Erica Green- Precious Doe

                     This story is not for the weak of heart. You know kids are afraid of monsters under their bed. These monsters were in the bedroom next door. It baffles me how family members except excuses of a child’s  whereabouts! These excuses can be short-lived or can last for months at a time. A child can not take care of themselves, and there is not any mother that would go long periods of time;without that child.

                It is terrible when the Grandmother and the family are trying to find hope.Friends and neighbors unite  and pray for a safe return. The mother or father who murdered them know that reunion will never happen. This case is graphic because the baby was decapitated and no one could identify her. That is why for years, Erica Green did not have a name. She was a dead baby, with no identity. This is why Erica Green was known as Precious Doe. The men and women of the community became family to this precious angel. No one knew…

***messymandella ***

On October 8, 2008, Harrell Johnson the bastard that killed her was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison! October 22, 2008, Michelle Johnson was sentenced to 25 years in prison!She deserves more time for being a horrible motherin exchange for her 2007 guilty plea to second-degree murder and testimony against her husband.. The Justice system is corrupt. Michelle was given a plea bargin, to testify against Harrell Johnson and she has the chance to began a new life. Erica will never have that chance…