Chaka Khan***messymandella***


R.i.p. phife dawg!–A Tribe Called Quest + The Leaders Of The New School***messymandella***


wu-tangs o.d.b.’s psa for safe sex ***messymandella***

When I spent the night with friends, and we all lied and went to The O.D.B. concert.

That  will always be one of my favorite moments, with Mark and David.

Yes, I am prissy and girly, but I get along better with men. Most women want to gut me like a fish…

Yes, Old Dirty Bastard was 23 different kinds of crazy that night.

He even stole the microphone, and told everyone to get in his van.

You can’t deny his unique flow on the beat.

O.D.B. didn’t have to ride the beat, he just complimented it.

Now, when you think about O.D.B. You  think of hin having an EBT Card, as after selling millions of Records, and  his drug overdose.

O.D.B. was always high!

At the concert, he said, “I don’t want to talk to the prettiest girls in here, I want the ugliest.”

 One of my favorite lines from O.D.B,  “I don’t want to go back to the Police Station,  they trying to send Dirt on a long vacation!”

RIP Russell Jones

Giving You Men With Swagger That Extra Push… ***messymandella***





NEW:Flying Lotus – Never Catch Me ft. Kendrick Lamar ***messymandella***NSFW

Published on Oct 1, 2014

Flying Lotus, ‘Never Catch Me feat. Kendrick Lamar’, a film by Hiro Murai. The song appears on ‘You’re Dead!’, preview the album and learn more at

The album is available from,
Bleep –
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Black Is Beautiful!***messymandella***



Without Love… Mrs. Nikka Costa ***messymandella***


KiD CuDi – Rap Hard (Full Mixtape) ***messymandella***

Download “Rap Hard” Here :
01. Intro – 0:06
02. Im Not The Average – 0:38
03. Skit 1 – 4:26
04. Pushing Niggas – 6:30
05. Pimpin – 10:20
06. Interlude – 14:36
07. Im That – 15:19
08. Get Ya Mind Correct – 28:20
09. Skit 2 – 23:37
10. Party All The Time – 24:00
11. Shed a Little Light – 28:18
12. Spontaneously Combust – 33:32



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Fabolous Ft. Pusha T ***Messymandella***

Jimmy Kimmel VS Kanye West (The New Accent!) ***messymandella***

In my life I have witnessed many things.

I have seen natural disasters, Twerking Montana, a  black president, but I have never seen a black man from Chicago sound like Ringo Starr. Man, you don’t just purchase a voice.

You are from the South Side Of Chicago, and

Mess like this is just tomfoolery of the devil, and one other reason I will never reach those pearly gates.

What in the Chris Jenner Female  Pimp Hell, Did I just watch?


This is nothing but the working “Karadashian Coochie Curse.”

I am befuddled that he just said “If you have on a Zahra pants the and someone walks in with Celine pants….”

Watch for yourself and then peep the Jimmy Kimmel version…

Thanks Jimmy Kimmel,  You nailed it!