Gloria Stein+ Angela Davis ***messymandella***



Rod Stewart + A$AP + Miguel + Mark***messymandella***

Feministically Beautiful And Honest*Colbie Coliat* Tries ***messymandella***

What makes you stand out from the rest?
How do you feel about living your own way and on your own terms?
The world is completely in need of strong-minded and unique fashionistas that want to stand out above the rest. Can you honestly say that you stand alone? No, because you need love and equality. You can have both, but first look at how women of all ages and ethnicities are beautiful. Instead of hating,compliment each other and don’t be a contouring clone. “Try” to be unique!


Sean Price-Figure Four***messymandella***Asher Roth Muddy Swim Trunks


don’t give up -t-pain – and maino (rendition) by grace lada!***messymandella***…


Really what do you see
When you looking at me?
See me come up from nothing,
To me living my dreams
I done been to the bottom,
I done suffered a lot,
I deserve to be rich,
Headed straight to the top
Look how I ride for the block,
Look how I rep for the hood,
I get nothing but love now
When I come through the hood
Getting this fortune and fame
Money make all of us change
The new benz is all white,
Call it John McCain
How the hell could you stop me?
Why in the world would you try?
I go hard forever,
That’s just how I’m designed,
That’s just how I was built
See the look in my eyes?
You take all of this from me,
And I’m still gon’ survive
You get truth from me,
But these rappers gon’ lie
I’m a part of these streets
Till the day that I die
I wave hi to the haters,
Mad that I finally done made it
Take a look and you can tell
That I’m destined for greatness…




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Bring Back Our Girls! ***messymandella*** They Still Need Our Help!

Little Princess

Little Princess

Young and innocent

Young and innocent

Our Babies

Our Babies

little lupita

little lupita

I Was In Love, with Love With Tony Thompson From Hi-Five***messymandella***

      I wanted to live and marry Tony Thompson and I was even wrote letters to Right On and the Hi-5 fan club, so that I could hopefully get my letter read by him.

As me and my friends would dance to all of their songs, we would argue about who would get to marry Tony Thompson.

When they were on Soul Train we recorded on VHS and took the sides off the VHS so It could never be recorded over and I would have that performance forever. Damn you DVDs!


       Later, I would also have to argue over who was the finest out of Pooh and Tony. We had all their music and posters. So when I make fun of people who love Boy Bands,I quietly understand puppy love. I understand the fandom.Girls will look at men that are almost perfection, and we are attracted to men with class,respect and talent.

Once I heard about these boys from Waco, Texas that once had dreams,but later they all endured heartache,it was breaking. Everything became more tragic as the years went by. Eventually misplaced talent and bitter friendships eventually ended HI-5.

Torien was arrested for murder.

Pooh was injured in accident and they were dealing with arrest and other personal demons.

           My first mental boyfriend of course was the lead singer.Tony departed from HI-5 and landed his own deal as a solo artist.

Of course,that did not end well.

Tony later died and of course their story didn’t end with a fairytale, but a “What If?” story.
I am actually writing this from the head. Nostalgia fuels emotional comfort and recollection, that you can not replace. You would be surprised if you just relax and think of your favorite group as a child, and recall dancing with your family and friends that are no longer here. Those moments and smiles and laughter hurt for a second, but those moments also give you clarity and only builds that inner strength. We also should pay homage to urban boy bands that did not have the marketing potential, but determination even when the Record  labels moved on to the next gimmick. It appears we seem to forget about New Edition, Blackstreet, Hi-5,H-Town,Soul 4 Real, ABC,and Boyz To Men.

       Listen to 90’s soul, the most romantic and respected genre. The music gave us so much respect. These men did not sit around and laugh about how bad they were treating the women. They actually treated us with reverence.