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George Zimmerman Is A Murdering Racist Psychopath And Other Observations…***messymandella***

Dear George Zimmerman,
         You are trash and that is the nicest thing I am going to say about you in this letter so if you feel like the 10% of you that has a soul will be offended you should stop reading now.


If you are offended  I suggest you cuddle up with a good book and your new prison husband…


you know what that jelly for...

you know what that jelly for…

The fact that you have managed to stay breathing and above ground thus far is a blessing in itself.
I don’t think anyone should ever murder you, I think life should just treat you like you treated Trayvon Martin on Feburary, 26,2012.
I just pray that every moment  you close your eyes, you see Trayvon, you bastard.
Even after murdering a young innocent man, you laughed and smirked when your little round ass walked out of court free.
While everyone was in distress and felt paralyzed by the justice system, you were setting up a charity boxing match.
Some idiot devised a plan to capitalize on Trayvon’s death with a celebrity boxing match.Only one small problem Georgie, you  are not a celebrity…
You almost convinced Rapper DMX  to box you in the ring, and even with petitions against the event you still kept smirking and were going to go through with this travesty. However, one of DMX’s personalities told him it was not a good idea, and the other 18 personalities thankfully listened.
  People assume that death is punishment for murder.

No, it is sheer  torture of wondering when Karma will come back to visit your ass, is worth more than death itself.
Say what you want, O.J. Simpson hacked the hell out of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. He got off   that charge and assumed he would never enter the prison system,  but where he at now? He copping pleas and begging to not die in prison. Karma serves its on revenge, and he has to suffer every day. Nicole and Ron are no longer breathing, but those steel bars are keeping O.J. Simpson from leaving.
Karma will finally be served for what you did to us a nation and our safety and to everyone who argued debated and even lost friendships because of your actions. You caused so many debates and confusion and tension in our nation. You also committed murder and you bullied a teenage boy.
You are scum and this assault case is nothing for what you did.
This is not retribution for Trayvon.
This is not even the tip of the iceberg.
Karma might surprise you like it did OJ over 20 years later.
You will never earn respect or sympathy and you deserve everything negative you have put out in this universe.
You couldn’t pretend to care about Trayvon or have an inch or remorse. 
Again, this arrest is not revenge for what he did to Trayvon Martin. You have so much more karma in store for you…
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