Beauty: Katy Perry + Ava Lily +Dita Von Teese ***messymandella***


 The Black hair and ruby-red lipstick inspired by Pin Up Girl and “Model”  Betty Page are inspiring and her spirit and unwillingness to conform brings forth controversy but also curiosity.

We may not agree with some of her video shoots and pictures of these ladies, but admit it  these women are  breathtaking and alluring,and of course,  fashion icon when it comes to inspiration that brings forth power,from the classic but powerful ruby lips.Beauty and confidence flourishes forever and every generation respectively imitates the Golden Era fashion Icons.

Each generation of women that pay homage to the timeless and  powerful  look or the crimson lip captivates the eyes because of the luminous skin, dark eyebrows and power and confidence, are the finishing touches. 

Here are six of my favorite shades of  lipsticks that will work with every complexion, and a few are inexpensive and will accentuate your natural flawless skin and your inner power and “Roar!”



anthony pavel- you are the best thing (ray lamontagne)***messymandella***




This Is For The Soldiers Coming Home!***messymandella***

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This is for the families that the soldiers, that  did not make it home.

I want you to hold on to memories, but know  there is so much love around you, even from strangers.


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Extra Curricular – If Today Was Your “Last Day” How Would You Spend It? ***messymandella***





All OF ME (Boyce Avenue)***messymandella***

Nylons In A Rip- Nikka Costa! ***messymandella***Waiting For The World To Change- John Mayer

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***messymandella***Your Going To Hear Me Roar-Inspired By Katy Perry

I place confidence in the fact that no matter what, you can always improve that beautiful creation, YOU!

Loyalty always triumphs, everything but self-respect.

I love me, and anyone who knows me can definitely agree…
         I am who I am! I was molested my 17 year old cousin when I was 5 Years old, and realize now I can tell my story because, It wasn’t my fault. That bothers me, that victims of sex crimes keep their story hidden like they were the blame. I still have nightmares, but that is only a part of me, that will not keep me from being who I am destined to become.Some people just know, that there is a bigger plan for their life!
             On a lighter note, if you listen to Kenny Rogers, don’t be ashamed that you downloaded Kenny’s greatest hits from I Tunes! Don’t be ashamed! Remain yourself, no matter who you are in the room with, don’t change! Who gives a damn if they are upset with your lifestyle? Love who you want to love! Love doesn’t need a reason!
             You are your own creation, maybe your critics are consumed with YOU because you embody that self-awareness that they only dream of imitating. You can’t be biting your tongue,and expecting your world to change.Don’t just plop down in your seat quietly and not fight for your rights! Why would you let someone hold you under mental handcuffs? You will be the loser, and they will have victory in the end!
               I tend to believe that everyone have been told to blend in and appease their peers and co-workers, and surroundings. That is a complete prevarication, that will make you regretful in the end. You must not become a different personality in each room you enter. You are genuinely a winner, and I know you MUST always use respect,and honesty, to get to that inner peace.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say!
Everyone requires love and respect, you deserve it!
Look in the mirror right NOW!
Are you smiling, or embarrassed of what you have become?
If you are embaressed, this is only the beginning of your new life, admit the past and live like you are dying!
You have an abbudance of intuition, and clarity that you ignore to appease the world. Women Rights and Civil Rights would have never have happened if people just sat back and bit their tongues!

I want to hear you ROAR!