mystery still clouds the murder of christopher “biggie” wallace ***messymandella***


I think sometimes in urban neighborhoods, we think it is cool to be in a casket.

Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered? 

How many dummies in prison from gun charges, and they never got a chance to fire them?

I don’t go to the grocery store with my gun, and I don’t hang around fools that can get me shot.

If I was hit by a bullet it  could be someone with the same color of skin as mine.

Get caught “lacking” at a job fair, and stop being stupid.

Pondering Minds What To Know:

Have you ever heard of someone shooting at a Dolly Parton, or Pattie Labelle  concert? 

FYI, you are not a soldier unless you are fighting in Iraq, or any other country for our freedom.

You are not a soldier, when you kill for your own greed.

Biggie Smalls never had a chance to become a grandfather, will you?



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biggie ***messymandella***

embrace your curves ***messymandella***




beautiful blake


soulful sunday: zara mcfarlane***messymandella***

Taken from Zara’s album ‘If You Knew Her’ released on now “Brownswood Recordings.”


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Oh Yes, Feminist In The Nude! ***messymandella***


  ***messymandella***Check out these looks!


What In The Playtex Hell Am I Looking At?

     Proof  that money turns groupies into Helen Keller.

Ain’t no way in hell this man would get laid without money.

 This Beargrilla may be all we need to procreate one day. I will not co-sign this. Creation will just be depleted.

If this mess worked at the Hot Dog Stand. He would be the Hot Dog Stand. I know he bleeds gravy and sweats chitterlin’ grease. I am not here to condone  anyone that wants to get it in with Beargrilla. I would just say that…this Can’t Be Life.

It is not fair that Rick Ross plantation size frame  can go shirtless, with his Tripple D Titty Balls. Why should we have to see his breast?


Officer Ricky, This is Not Acceptable.