Kelly Rowland: Overlooked Beauty + Talent***messymandella***


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a brownsville tale | official music video | genesis be ***messymandella***




Jimmy Fallon:Pictionary with LL Cool J, Rose Byrne and Big Sean ***messymandella***




Da Hell Is You Wearing!? December 2014 Edition***messymandella***



Lianne La Havas Lavishes Us With Creepiest Thing You Will See ALL Week! ***messymandella***


This video demonstrates a young whipper snapper who is deeply intrigued with an older man. Apparently she only wants men  to date that remember where they were standing when the Pilgrim’s landed on Plymouth Rock, in the early 1600’s but love is love.

I preach love is love, and it  does not matter if she is captivated by those sexxxy blue veins bulging all over the place. This is the man that  you take for dinner and stop by to get him an Ensure Drink for  “at home relations time.”

Lianna can have any man she wants but in this video, she desires a man that may have clubbed a bear during The Ice Age.

Love is a beautiful thang.  She said that this is her fish in the sea.  I did the research for you guys!

I found that fish…


arthrodire placoderms lived and existed during the Late Devonian period, about 380-360 million years ago.

Those  liver spots are the sexxxist thing about this man…..





Jessie J – Silver Lining (Crazy ‘Bout You) ***messymandella***

Big Sean -First Quarter FreeStyle ***messymandella***



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Casualty Of Love By Jessie J***messymandella*** Desperado From The Eagles

        Learning, and accepting comes with time and self- evaluation. We don’t possess all the answers when it comes to life and people you include in this journey of life. I tell people I love them, because I believe that when you leave this world, love is the only thing that keeps your energy alive. I am very private in my life, because that strengthens a genuine friendship. I don’t care what others think of that person, If I dig them spiritually! They always show me respect!

       I have never been disrespected, and I wouldn’t be anyway.  In time that love will grow into a bond If you are patient. Some habits are hard to break, and you can preach, beg, and even bargain but you have to avoid letting outside factors destroy than bond. A blessed bond can become “broken.” Now, I am happy just knowing that person is breathing and woke up to live another day. When people live a life  you don’t understand, it is more beneficial not to face the perceived dysfunction. Some label a person in such a harsh manner that they build up a wall. You know those Desperados that love freedom, women, partying, women, money, women (Yes, I know I have mentioned women 3 times) as an amazing life.

Are you still going to be doing that while you popping open an Ensure and changing your Depend Diapers?

        In life you take that chance, timing is everything. He or she is observing you and learning who you are too.  It is better this way, because everything is authentic. No one lying about who they are, and what they do on a daily basis. You know them through your mind and heart, and not by what’s in their pants, or pockets. No one knows the secret to lasting bond, but you want something bad enough you will fight! You may lose the war, but it is not that bad to be a “Casualty Of Love.”

Jessie J- WILD +Big Sean+Dizee Rascal***messymandella***

Jessie J Leaves Apartment 58 ClubI once love and hate relationship with Jessie J. I have her First compilation “Who You Are.” Jessie J, for one thing has personal subject matter discussing Bullying, and sexuality, and Inner Strength. Jessie J on the other side of the game, vocal show boats to 98th power. I mean its reminds me of “Gemini’s Twin,” that SNL spoof parody of “Destiny’s Child!” No one should have to hit every syllable just to be a singer. That show boating is a distraction, from your message and vocal attributes. Melisma and lack of self-evaluation are running some fans away from her clever lyrics. Jessie J’s lyrics are self-help for anyone in depression. We know that Jessie has the potential to  be one of the most prominent voices in the Music industry.At first I thought my feeling on this Beautiful and strong woman, were biased if I call myself a feminist. The problem is that once you over sing the notes, the message gets lost along the way. She has the potential to be one of the most respected voices in her musical genre. Maybe, she will have that confidence in herself instead of focusing on hitting glass cracking octaves? After listening to Jessie’s J’s music, I am lost on her poetry that is overshadowed by the oversinging. She has many obstacles that she sings about regarding her self-esteem. I would love to hear the thoughts behind the voice of Jessie Cornish! At this moment, Jessie may have gained that inner strength that she needed.
Welcome back, Jessie J, Thank you for realizing, “Who You Are?”