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Less Is More: Beauty Minute

Some women think that if they are not wearing  face powder or foundation they are not wearing make up? So many women will pile on mascara ,eye shadow,piles of eye liner and bold lip colors.These looks are usually too much for day time looks.Beauty is tricky.Less color is more.

When you put on bright blue eye shadow on oily skin and tons of lip liner, you usually appear more made up then the person who is wearing foundation. When you have on too much make up,it takes away from the beauty of your skin.If you think that  because you don’t wear foundation or powder ,you don’t wear make up,that’s fine….but FALSE. Cosmetics are enhancing your beauty.Bold Tacky Colors will destroy your natural beauty.

The color of her lipstick is cherry bomb red and 3 applications too many.It is just too tacky and way too much.There are other techniques for enhancing your natural beauty.

Jennifer Beals is the epitome of true beauty.Her skin is flawless and she has limited attention on her cosmetics, but her unique beauty.     P.Diddy‘s concubine Cassie has minimal colors on her face and bronzer, This way your attention is focused on her beautiful face and how much she looks like Nahla from The Lion King.        The beautiful  Aishwarya Rai shows her  Gorgeous face  to the World.  This is  a great look for her and her lip color is the nude lip.

The Immaculate Nia Long is always understated because of her jaw droppping beauty. Cougars Rock! Ha Ha!